Cookies Grower: Super Death AAAA


Discount in Quarter Pound Mix and Match

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Strain: Indica

Genetics: unknown strain x Death Bubba

THC: 20%

CBD: 1%

Nug Size: Medium – Small

Earn up to 220 Points.






  1. Sensi (verified owner)

    Small buds yet great bag appeal along with a perfect cure. Little crispiness but ideal moisture within. Very sticky all around and super caked with lots of crystals. Semi dense not very compact but has a good feel when squishing. Due to the somewhat leafy composition, it does require extra time for prepping.

    Nose is bright, pronounced, with a subtle dankness to it. Not insanely loud, and smells like a floral/pink type of Death Bubba which translated quite nicely. Sweet spicy floral gas flavours along some hashy pine, and skunky woody undertones.

    Taste holds well, strong punchy type of smoke with minimal harshness, smooth for the most part. Burns quite greasy with salt n peppery ash.

    Hits like a typical 70/30 indica, very uplifting, calming, and relaxing high that induced some couch lock and mild sedation over time.

    This was a respectable run by Cookies Grower. Was a very nice batch, though I wouldn’t say anything to brag about. Did wish the nose and flavours popped some more, being sold as a premium strain, still pleased nonetheless.

    Got it during the intro sale plus an additional 10% off, so for me personally, it was worth it. Do feel like the regular price is bit too much for what it is.

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