Enigma Extracts – Exquisite Cartridges 0.5g *Lowest Price EVER*



Enigma Extracts Exquisite Cartridges are made from exotic full-sized quad flower

  • comes in a 0.5g cartridge
  • made with zero distillate, additives, fillers,
  • made with zero plant-derived terpenes
  • made with zero anything other than just the pure cannabis oil
  • these cartridges are Full Spectrum.

Save when you buy more!

Mix and Match – 5 Pack

Mix and Match – 10 Pack

Enigma recommends the Yocan Uni Pro battery. Find it here.

Enigma Extract Exquisite Cartridge is weighed accurately to 0.5g. There may be some ‘headspace’ or air bubbles in the cartridge and we will not be refunding or replacing cartridges for “looking low”. The cartridge hardware is not an indication of weight for the contents inside it. Please do your research of the product and reviews.

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All Enigma Extracts cartridges are made without any distillate, additives, fillers, or plant-derived terpenes. ou can enjoy just the pure oil as it comes from the flower it’s made out of. These state-of-the-art cartridges have a ceramic mouth-tip, dental-grade ceramic post, quartz coil, and Viton gaskets.

For best functioning, we highly recommend pairing your Enigma Extracts FSE vape Carts with a Yocan Uni Pro battery, operated between 2.2-2.8V. To get the most from the cartridge, start inhaling, hold the button for 2-3 seconds while inhaling. Then release the button and keep inhaling for 2-3 seconds. Repeat as much as you’d like. This helps avoid overheating the coil of your Enigma Extracts Cartridges and burning the oil and will preserve the precious terpenes.

Don’t use batteries that aren’t designed for cartridges or run at power settings that are too high or you will not be eligible for replacement.

Enigma Extracts Cartridges come in these delicious flavours:

  • Indica – Zombie kush – sideral x bubba kush
  • Hybrid – Zombiez – zombie kush/watermelon zkittlez blend
  • Hybrid – Apple mimosa – mimosa phenotype
  • Sativa – Panic attack – red Congo/copper chem blend
  • Indica – Watermelon zkittlez – watermelon x zkittlez
  • Hybrid – Lemendo – lemon meringue/mendo breath blend
  • Hybrid – Animal breath – animal face/mendo breath blend
  • Sativa – Cali og – amnesia haze x og kush
  • Indica – Blueberry jam – blueberry x northern lights
  • Hybrid – Dark angel – cheese x jack herer

Buy the best 510 vape cartridges available online in Canada, Enigma Extracts Cartridges.

Enigma Extract Exquisite Cartridge is weighed accurately to 0.5g. There may be some ‘headspace’ or air bubbles in the cartridge and we will not be refunding or replacing cartridges for “looking low”. The cartridge hardware is not an indication of weight for the contents inside it. Please do your research of the product and reviews. 


  1. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    Terps true to strain. Got on 420 day sale… can’t beat at the price but I learned 1ml Carts go a lot further. I feel like you lose such a high % of liquid to the cotton on the smaller carts

  2. spicetrance (verified owner)

    All the ones I’ve tried so far don’t disappoint.
    Quality is a step above any distillate cart I’ve tried. No headaches. A nice clean buzz.
    With a high tolerance they still hit very nicely as a 1st buzz but if you don’t moderate and use it throughout the day it is possible to go through an entire cart. It’s so convenient it’s almost a drawback 🙂

  3. sl19 (verified owner)

    No complaints. Happy to get one of the last Water jetz. Flavor and potency is great. Gassy fruity candy.

  4. mandragola (verified owner)

    Excellent cartridge, Especially when on sale
    Great taste and nice high

  5. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Very nice pure carts, don’t burn as well as distillate but the quality does not compare

  6. Sensi Star (verified owner)

    Hard hitting and potent. Got Jet Cake, Crescendo #1, and Animal Drank. Jet Cake hits hardest, but Animal Drank was my favourite. Crescendo #1 felt more hybrid than sativa, while Animal Drank was very sativa leaning with an energetic buzz that tasted like sour grapes. They do burn pretty quickly so don’t expect much more than a day.

  7. Sting (verified owner)

    Tried the Pine Jet, my first Enigma cart, smooth, tasty and potent!

  8. sl19 (verified owner)

    Quality is good and on sale. Can’t ask for much more

  9. wrecivicsi (verified owner)

    at this price its a steal , crescendo sativa dominant ..great potency and taste

  10. yossef (verified owner)

    Tried the shishkaberry and it’s pretty good. Tastes like very tropical fruits. Favorite was the purple drank breath they had a while back

  11. bootifulkermode (verified owner)

    Surely some of the best carts in the market, nevermind sauce carts. Bought at other vendors and appreciate the 420 sale couldn’t miss the opportunity to grab some more Fruity muffins carts as they are sweet natural terps and product and hit hard. Also liked the Jet cake recently.

  12. louisauger444 (verified owner)

    One of best cartridges I’ve ever tried !! Good job enigma

  13. louisauger444 (verified owner)

    Taste and hits amazing

  14. GhostYogurt (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased that this cartridge has the taste and buzz of actual flower. I actually felt high as opposed to the half-buzz I typically get from distillates. Unfortunately, even with a HGA sale, I still paid $44 for this and I cannot justify a 0.5g cartridge at that price.

  15. hgaallday (verified owner)

    Really well-made carts. Flavour and high all on point.

  16. Diabo (verified owner)


  17. mwgrun (verified owner)

    The Deluxe Sugarcane was my favourite. These carts are far above most competition.

  18. mike (verified owner)

    VERY tasty and potent cart! Have the Jet Cake and am really enjoying it, def recommended!

  19. sl19 (verified owner)

    Great deal

  20. sl19 (verified owner)

    Worth every cent. Great quality.

  21. smith (verified owner)

    Blueberry jam was on point

  22. smith (verified owner)

    Great quality cart

  23. bpottz12 (verified owner)

    I ordered the Blueberry Jam, and Zombie Kush and both had amazing full body indica effects, and the taste was unreal as well so pure and flavourful. They are on the expensive side for carts but they are truly worth every dollar.

  24. jroca87 (verified owner)

    I got lemendo because of other reviews and this was my first enigma cart.

    Taste is nice, not like lemons but taste like a dab almost.
    Effects are also nice.

    Would I buy again? Probably not only because it runs out to fast for me.

  25. azzyblack (verified owner)

    By far the best cart I’ve ever had. It tastes and hits so much better that the price is completely justified.

  26. josh (verified owner)

    After trying almost every type of cart out there and really liking the HVE 50/50 dist/sauce carts I bit the cost and went for these. I got Lemendo and Watermelon Zkittles and also got the yocan battery and it’s truly next level compared to other carts. Hitting after the 10sec pre heat tastes the closest thing to a dab out of any cart I’ve tried and the full spectrum effects are much better in my opinion. I’ll be coming back to these from now on.

  27. timothy (verified owner)

    Love these carts, dont think ill go back to anything not enigma

  28. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Wow, these are TASTY and Potent. A good value at 50 per HALF g, as Ive seen them usually between 60-65. Love em!!

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