New Year Budget Deal Small/Popcorn Strains *$60/oz Summer Sale*


*ALL SALES FINAL. NO REFUNDS (Unless Mold or Bud Rot Present)*

Bud Size: Small – Popcorn (Bags may contain minor shake, be dry, leafy, or amber trichomes)

Grade: AA


Earn up to 70 Points.


Budget friendly prices and strains graded between AA.  These strains are not suited for individuals looking for high quality flower (AAAA). By purchasing from this page you acknowledge and understand all sales are final. No Refunds (unless mold or bud rot present). Purchase responsibly and at your discretion.

Under construction. Please check back!

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1) Make sure your scale is calibrated for accuracy. To check, weigh a Loonie—it should be 6.27g.

2) Weigh your flowers/mushrooms in their original unopened package. Refer to the table below for reference on how much the packaging bag and boveda if any weighs. For example, 1 oz of flower in the packaging is 28g + 7.4g = 35.4g. If your flower package is less than 35.4g, please contact us for a speedy resolution.

28g Packaging Bag 8.6 g
14g Packaging Bag 8.6 g
7g Packaging Bag 3.15 g
3.5 Packaging Bag 2.6 g
Boveda – One Pack 1.5 g – 2 g

If you received the wrong product (you ordered it but got something different), please document (e.g video and/or photograph the product to provide for our review. Include in your video/photo your order number, e.g. a handwritten note of the order number next to the product.) and contact us within seven days of receipt of delivery to resolve this problem. Resolutions may include store credit, reward points, or reshipment. We want to make it right for you!


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  1. Bowen (verified owner)

    Contrary to my review left in October 25th, 2023, I have had nothing but bad results from these orders ever since. The marijuana is stale in some cases, the buds are prematurely grown. You folks should remove this category from your website completely. Its not worth 60-70$ when you have to add 20$ shipping. If you sold this specific item with Free shipping, it would be worth the money. Otherwise, the past few batches are nothing special. When you do not even get a headspin in the morning from the first pipehit, you know something is wrong.

    • Blake (HGA)

      Hey Bowen,

      We appreciate you sharing your feedback. We’ll look into the feedback about quality issue on some of the strains and not restock them. At the same time, please realize that this product page is marketed directly to individuals who have a very small budget for cannabis needs. Those individuals have shared their appreciation for the offer and we will continue to offer this page to help that demographic.

      All the best and take care

      – Blake

  2. spencer (verified owner)

    Wow the gas mask was awful, no nose and potency was not there. Not the heavy indica I expected, gonna start looking disappointed, elsewhere that was just a huge let down

  3. L7 (verified owner)

    Got the Papaya Cookies for 65. Had a sweet and sour tang to it, maybe I got the Citrus Skunk by mistake. Weed busts up nice and smoked a little dark, nothing horrible. It has a stronger effect than expected.

  4. Garret (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff for the price.

  5. Bowen (verified owner)

    Flapjack did not fail to disappoint. The buds were larger than what I’d consider popcorn. Visually pleasing. Nice little jab to the dome in the morning with a cup of coffee. Would buy again. Great kief collection.

  6. benjamin (verified owner)

    Really good value here. The Flap Jacks are tiny tight dense nugs mixed with small buds. Tasty and burned nicely. Not the strongest effects but a nice pleasant high

  7. benjamin (verified owner)

    Really good value here. The Flap Jacks are tiny tight dense nugs mixed with small buds. Tasty and burned nicely. Not the strongest effects but a nice pleasant high none the less.

  8. steven (verified owner)

    I got the pink kush. It was just like the description popcorn buds. I didn’t have any shake. I’m not happy and I’m not unhappy. Would I buy it again? Probably not. Although I paid for what I received. AAA popcorn

  9. motilall (verified owner)

    Pineapple express was one of those don’t judge a book by its cover. It was super dry, had no smell, but looked ok. Ended up smoking pretty nice, I would give this a 6/10.

  10. Bowen (verified owner)

    As stated in my previous review on the Pineapple Express, the Pink Kush is not a let down. Not by any manner. For the price its going at, the buds are visually pleasing, the kief collection is magnificent (Depending your method of busting). The pink kush gives a lovely puff from the bong. Would indeed purchase more in the future.

  11. Bowen (verified owner)

    pineapple express is a nice puff. so far so good. the buds are larger than what I’d consider Popcorn. Pleased with this purchase, especially at this price. Cannot go wrong here. Great grab for your buck.

  12. Andy (verified owner)

    Maple cookies was the worst kush I’ve ever had from this website. Pure black ash, tough smoke, horrible short high. Orange cookies not as bad but still bad.
    Viridesco jack herer was good when first dropped.. now that its stale its gone to shit. Also rough smoke, black ash.
    For the first time in months ive had to buy from alternate vendor as HGA has highly disappointed.

  13. Sting (verified owner)

    I got the DCM, great nose, taste and potency. Very sticky with nice tight small buds, no leaf.

  14. James W (verified owner)

    Got the death chocolate mousse, Its a great deal at this price.

  15. hzeus101hga (verified owner)

    MAC 1 cereal milk did not disappoint, these small buds are just as potent, pretty and delicious as the full size version

  16. Garret (verified owner)

    Very happy I was able to grab more of that DB x Pink Fire, really a great strain. Thanks HGA great service as always!

  17. MyDisplayName (verified owner)

    good value on all strains highly recommend

  18. Ryan (verified owner)

    DCT was a very nice strain great nose and taste follows along with a nice buzz.

  19. Ryan (verified owner)

    Fan friggin tastic you can’t go wrong with DMC even popcorns are epic.

  20. brent (verified owner)

    Death mac was stellar, big smell and flavour, beautiful little sticky nugs. Smoke was smooth but heavy, oil ring and white ash. High was great and long lasting

  21. brent (verified owner)

    Pink mku wasn’t great, buds were not dense, kinda larfy. Smoke didn’t taste like much and the high was not quite there. Still have some from may, not worth smoking imo

  22. Sting (verified owner)

    Really enjoying the Death Mac, nice well trimmed buds, sticky, well cured and taste and nose on point.

  23. James W (verified owner)

    2.5/5 dark chocolate tart(beautiful looking buds, unique nose but WEAK high and not sticky at all). Im a little disapoint for a 100$, I would not buy again.
    3.5/5 DMC. I was not impress with the full size nugs oz of this batch so same here with the smalls. Still good weed.
    3.5/5 Death Mac. Great for the price but nothing crazy.
    Overall I could’ve skip that order… I asked for a little sample of alien breath ,it was my third order in 2-3 weeks and spent over 600$ minimum just this month but that was too much to ask I guess.

  24. orioli (verified owner)

    3/5 for 14g pink kush smalls. Got it for $35 which was a steal but it was dry, peppery smoke, short lasting half decent buzz

  25. deedinwall (verified owner)

    Good option to selection affordable product

  26. MyDisplayName (verified owner)

    fast shipping great customer service! had to review before the page disappears

  27. lekweeeh.12 (verified owner)

    Best deal bring BACK MOREE

  28. up_in_smoke_eh (verified owner)

    Both the Death Chocolate Mousse and Death Mint Cookies popcorn buds were just as potent and delicious as their larger friends. An amazing deal on some amazing strains if size isn’t that important to you!

  29. cam (verified owner)

    DMC great value
    will keep my eyes open here

  30. MOM_Reviewer (verified owner)

    I’ve tried MAC1, Wagyu, and Rain of Frost smalls. Wonderful value on HGA’s AAAA strains for a discount. The quality on the strains are pretty solid, just like their large buds.

  31. orio (verified owner)

    For Rain of Frost: 4/5. Great bud but fell short on potency. Similar to Death Mint Cookies, get that instead

  32. orio (verified owner)

    For Black Bubba: 3/5. Good price, good size nugs, skanky smell. Came dry, though, and trim was God awful. Smoked peppery, too, had a bite in the throat. Wouldnt buy again

  33. orio (verified owner)

    For Death Mint Cookies: 4/5. Last batch was meh. Nugs were very small. Felt like it wasnt as potent as usual. Otherwise, smell, smoke, ash, all A1. Still worth the buy, this one of their best and most consistent

  34. orio (verified owner)

    For Earth Bind Cookies: 5/5. Price was A1, generous nugs with great smell. White ash, smooth smoke. Great long lasting cookie effects. Smoke too much youll get ripped

  35. smith (verified owner)

    Great bud. Same quality as the regular priced DMC!

  36. rob (verified owner)

    Got the DCM. Good stuff. Potent.

  37. karan (verified owner)

    Great deal. Ordered DCM and loved it. Heavy hitting indica. Complete knock out. Would order again.

  38. matt (verified owner)

    Had the wedding cake/el jefe and Wagyu . Both were good burns taste and high . Wagyu was a great death bubba x ?

  39. Rider (verified owner)

    Depending on what’s in this section it’s generally my go to for quality cheap buds

  40. mazzara (verified owner)

    I really loved the DMC smalls. It was like your typical dmc just with small nugs. Would buy agian on sale

  41. benjamin (verified owner)

    Always my go too when I’m on a budget. Big nugs don’t always mean more potent. I’ve never had any of the popcorn smalls disappoint. Just don’t buy all the DCM, make sure there’s some left for me.

  42. rsto (verified owner)

    Had a small bowl of frost awhile ago, vaping some now.
    So tasteful when vaped
    Thanks hga

  43. lekweeeh (verified owner)

    Honestly you can’t really get a better deal on QUADS. Amazing deal basically whatever you get.

  44. rubato (verified owner)

    Tried the DMC, DCM, EBC, RAIN OF FROST in smalls 28gs. All great for the price if you want to smoke on quads without breaking the bank.

  45. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Great deal on smalls. Save some money and get super high all at the same time! Win win! Thanks for the deals, HGA.

  46. xev (verified owner)

    Pink Death Smalls

    It’s Potent as f@@k I like the effects very relaxing onset of effects will have you flying high this is a very euphoric strain

  47. Rider (verified owner)

    Got the pink death smalls . Very satisfied!!!!

  48. azzyblack (verified owner)

    DMC is a classic, and the smalls/popcorn is just as good. Mine: NOT very leafy, had zero shake, a lot of popcorn, but stank and hit the exact same as its big brother. Great deal.

  49. chaz (verified owner)

    I picked up an oz of chemical poison and another oz of platinum bubba to go with it …. I can’t find anything bad too say about either

  50. tcamp (verified owner)

    Got mku and absolutely loved it great high and smell buds was a lil dry but nothing too bad would def order again

  51. matt (verified owner)

    Got peanut butter breath and death mint cookie this time . Dmc ? as always !!! Pbb bag appeal meh but its smalls so hit or miss for that burnt dark but taste is good . High not bad . Would get again but not first choice

  52. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Great way to save a few bucks and try some top shelf strains. Awesome deal!

  53. orio (verified owner)

    Death Chocolate Mousse: gets you well fried. Like, very well fried

  54. 17921792 (verified owner)

    DMC smalls – sticky, smells insane and a bit leafy. 100% worth the price point. shhhh… keep it secret!

  55. E6697 (verified owner)

    Managed to find MAC 1 smalls and picked up a zip of it. The flavor is nice and tangy with smooth smoke and potent hybrid effects. Overall a great hybrid that I would buy again.

  56. huntley (verified owner)

    I’m hesitant to say anything good about the DCM smalls as I want them all to myself. Hint hint

  57. Sting (verified owner)

    Grabbed an OZ of the DMC, great deal!

  58. matt (verified owner)

    Keep up with the quads smalls PLEASE ?

  59. cj (verified owner)

    Potent, smells like rotten fruit as another review had mentioned, burns quite harsh on the throat. Hits you in the face, hard, and then washes away without a day-ruining burn out.

  60. cjg (verified owner)

    Copped 14g of chemical poison and got one massive nug (around 3.5g) and medium sized buds. Dank, rotten fruit smells when you open it. Harsh to the throat but the ash and smoke was white. Very in your face high – smacks your face during the smoke and gets you baked for at least more than an hour. Great product – awesome price for quad rating mediums, 9/10 potency!

  61. brent (verified owner)

    Picked up the chemical poison smalls, not as good as the demon breath. The bag appeal is awesome, buds are nice size and look stunning. Flavour and smoke is nice, ash is a little peppery and I feel like this is more of a daytime strain.

  62. brent (verified owner)

    Got an ounce of demon breath and it absolutely slays. The smell is slightly muted but the burn, flavour, and ash are incredibly good. Would buy again

  63. hubbard2013 (verified owner)

    Got an oz of the death chocolate mousse smalls, no complaints here I usually grab the regular death chocolate mousse even if it’s not on sale that’s how much I like it and this is just as good 9.5/10 will buy again next order hopefully you still got some!!

  64. hubbard2013 (verified owner)

    Grabbed a oz of smalls death mint cookies absolutely bomb as usual with the smalls. The death mint cookies were 10/10 when compared to the regular bud only thing I did notice was a little leaf but other then that all good! Overall 9.5 outta 10! Keep it up with the smalls guys

  65. lglopez85 (verified owner)

    Picked up El Jefe and definitely a nice batch, smokes great clean white ash first time trying it out and definitely recommended.

  66. arsh (verified owner)

    Picked up cookies grower; demon breath smalls and the smell was very potent with the signature cookie taste. smoke was very clean and ash was greyish white with a good indica high.
    Total – 8.5/10
    Value 10/10

  67. disfigured (verified owner)

    Snatched 14g of the DCM for $75 on sale. What an absolute steal. There was a little bit of shake and some really small nugs, but the potency is there, and after a day or so in a glass jar with a larger boveda, the smell and terps popped more. I’ll definitely be eyeballing this section to save some $

  68. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Good deal, ESPECIALLY for the premium strains. I was lky to get the Demon Breath and the buds were hardly smalls. I was very happy with the purchase!

  69. uberduberscuber (verified owner)

    Guess I’ll leave the first review. Was actually able to compare the DCM smalls to the regular sized buds I got recently, and I must say potency is identical. The regular buds obbivously look much more appealling, but if potency is what you care about, these smalls are what you’re looking for. Incredible value, perfect for budget seekers as well. HGA should defitnitely should try to have these often I can see why some strains sell out immefiately.

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