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CBD ediblesEating CBD infused food is not about being high in any way. Neither is smoking, vaping or otherwise ingesting CBD going to make you feel high. You’ll just feel relaxed and calm/happy.

If you are looking to calm anxiety, manage pain, or assist yourself with getting to sleep, then trying CBD gummies or other CBD infused food is something to experiment with for sure.

It’s also surprising how well CBD topical balms and creams can quickly and noticeably help to relieve pain in specific areas of your body, not your overall body like CBD foods do. Muscle aches and joint pain melt away very quickly with topical application of CBD products.

Combine this with eating CBD edibles and you may have the best sleep you have had in ages. You can find our selection of CBD topical products here.
We are particularly fond of the CBD bath bombs and CBD balms.

CBD gummies are the most well known CBD treats. But, you can also eat CBD oils and tinctures. Some companies make CBD infused chocolate and baked goods as well. If you don’t want to add calories to your day, you can always consider consuming CBD tincture as a great way to “eat” CBD.

Otherwise, peruse our selection of CBD gummies and other CBD infused food below for some of the best edible CBD products available online in Canada.

You can read more here about edible CBD and the effects of eating CBD infused food as well.