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Vape pens come in a few varieties, shapes and sizes. But one thing is certain, they are a convenient way to intake THC and/or CBD on the go.

Unlike smoking pot, vaping cannabis oils from a pen is easy to prepare for and can be a stealthy thing to do.

Traditional cannabis smoking requires preparation (grinding, rolling, packing) that is also a part of vaporizing cannabis flower. You need a safe place out of the wind and an appropriate surface to work with if you are going to roll a joint or pack a bowl or portable vape.

Also, the smoke from joints and pipes wafts quickly and alerts everyone around to what you are up to. Sometimes this doesn’t matter, but other times it’s better to have privacy about your cannabis intake.

This is where vape pens really shine. Not only do you not have to prepare a vape pen for your next session, but the vapor is so odor free compared to smoke that you can literally stealth hit a vape pen in public, put it away and exhale without anyone being the wiser.

If you have no experience with using a vape pen, we have an article on our blog that can guide your decision making about whether this is a good choice for you, and which products may work best in your case.

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