We love our pets! To ensure our buddies are happy, healthy, and pain-free, we rely on veterinarian-approved CBD hemp oil products as an addition to their supplement health regime. Whether you're looking for pet CBD treats for your dog, cat or a horse - we've got you!



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Much as we humans, older pets tend to develop arthritis. Nurturing compounds from hemp can help their aching joints and bones, and fight the inflammation. Products such as Vitality CBD Pet Treats also enhance heart and brain health, ensuring your puppy is living their best life. COMFORT CBD herbal equine supplements are formulated to help improve mobility in horses by reducing inflammation and relieving pain. Mary's Medibles created a specially formulated tincture for each size animal as we know how different each breed can be. Mary's Medibles Pet CBD feline tincture contains a blend of premium Alaskan fish oil, and CBD extract will keep your cat happy. Viridesco Hemp CBD Distillate (83.5% CBD) and Viridesco Organic FPE Hemp Flower Oil-CBD can relieve your pet from anxiety and insomnia. A high-quality CBD extract also ensures their fur is shiny and healthy. Hemp oil products for pets offer a natural way to ease the life of older pets and to ensure your pets grow happy and healthy. Buddha Pet Tincture with 200 mg Of CBD comes with an easy dropper-dispenser, so you can easily mix the tincture with your pet's meal. Our pets bring so much joy and love into our lives; it's only fair we return some of it by ensuring they live their best lives.