Formerly known as MARIJUANA EDIBLES are a tasty and delicious way to enjoy cannabis. Try our gummies, candies, chocolates, baked goods, beverages or spreads like butter, honey or jam! Our weed edibles are infused with high quality THC and/or CBD distillates and CBD oils. Buy edibles online in Canada here at High Grade Aid Online Dispensary!


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Learn about the phases of eating an edible here.

Looking to purchase THC edibles online in Canada? We carry a wide range of cannabis edibles for you to enjoy.

Eating a cannabis edible can be a relaxing, mind expanding experience. Choose the right dosage (start low) and take it in the right circumstances (no responsibilities or driving.) Then, watch for the signs that your cannabis edible is kicking in.

As a beginner,  prepare yourself. Read our blog post about the phases of THC edibles. It’s written with comedy in mind, but it will give you a good idea of the more extreme sensations you may experience while consuming THC treats. If it feels strong for a while, stay calm. Each phase will pass. And, there is plenty or enjoyment to be had as well as a deep long sleep after.

If you are eating CBD edibles then you won’t have any extreme experiences, but could be overwhelmed by a desire to sit still or sleep deeply.

Both eating CBD and THC edibles can have enjoyable results if done correctly and for the right reasons. Stick to CBD edibles if you need to work or be responsible. Utilize THC edibles when you just need to sleep or want zone out and watch movies or listen to music. Always test the product in smaller dosages so you don’t accidentally overindulge. THC edibles affect different humans differently.

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