Cookies Grower: Death Mint Cookies AAAA *Early Black Friday Sale*


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Strain: Indica Dominant – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

Genetics: Death Star x Girl Scout Cookies x two unknown breath strains

THC: 23% – 28%

Nug Size: Medium – Small

Flower Discount Code: FLOWER20

Earn up to 236 Points.

Death Mint Cookies is an HGA exclusive that can’t be found anywhere in Canada! Our number one top selling strain has been tested time and time again, proving why this strain keeps coming back. Known for its sedating and couch locking potency, pungent aroma, and smooth minty exhale. A tasty terpene profile that will satisfy many connoisseurs looking for a unique experience.



Indica Dominant




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  1. connoisseurking (verified owner)

    Great batch of DMC. Potent gassy, clean burn. Terpy still, not like the original batch from way back but still terpy. Great deal .

  2. lekweeeh (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this batch! Great smell, taste, and potency. the buds itself could be a little better some smalls with a few nice buds in there but overall great smoke, 8/10 for me I grabbed a few zips.

  3. p_kay (verified owner)

    Ordered 14g. Disappointed that my 3 mylars of flower were all flattened. Opening the DMC, all popcorn/pebbles with some small buds. Didn’t order smalls. On to the product itself. Has that distinct DMC smell & taste. Nice slow burn in a joint with white ash. Light scratching on the throat but overall a great smoke with solid potency. 8/10

    • Blake (HGA)

      Hey P.Kay,

      We try to make every bag as even as possible with at least one large or medium cola. Please email or contact us through Live Chat. Say that Blake wants to make this right! Happy to hear the quality is still there.

  4. tone (verified owner)

    A lil scraggly looking but Great cut nonetheless!

    Smelly, tasty, potent.

    Typical CG❤️

  5. phil (verified owner)

    Everything is good about this but the flavor is really lacking compared to previous offerings.

  6. richard (verified owner)

    Im glad they finially put new batch beside the name of the flower. this batch isnt like the first. Its a little harsh on the throat which means it was flushed properly. not as terpy as the first batch of october. i would rank this batch as 7/10

  7. motilall (verified owner)

    Tastes great, smells amazing, smokes even better. Been Back at HGA and this has been one of best strains. At the price its great bud, 8/10.

  8. jeremy.pullinger (verified owner)

    Nice stuff always love it!

  9. L7 (verified owner)

    Smokes well and nice effect. Medium and small buds.

  10. simon619 (verified owner)

    well dmc look and smell good but the taste and potency are not there for me. its burn well tho.

  11. aquib500 (verified owner)

    This is the best strain ever, my all time fav! I am always on the lookout for when this goes on sale lol

  12. richard (verified owner)

    nice bud! 8/10

  13. L7 (verified owner)

    Made my scissors sticky and created a dense and super tasty joint. Very nice effect for 120.

  14. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Best tried and true strain from HGA. Good deal on sale. Enjoy

  15. Craig (verified owner)

    A truly good strain for the price.

  16. richard (verified owner)

    Great smoke for a night cap! Knockout 7/10

  17. ethan (verified owner)

    Great night cap strain, even better price on sale. Would re-buy

  18. 99steven99 (verified owner)

    Very nice. Burns white ash. Buds are beautiful covered in crystal. I would definitely purchase again. Very happy

  19. Devyn (verified owner)

    To be honest I was expecting a better visual appeal/frosted look to it and that was not there (still looks decent) but when smoking is where this one really shines, great high great smoke.

  20. louis444 (verified owner)

    Again you will not be disappointed with this one IMO for 99$ it’s a good deal super fresh and sticky

  21. richard (verified owner)

    Strong, No couch lock. Smooth with alot of flavor. 8/10

  22. Ryan (verified owner)

    You can’t go wrong with DMC so friggin good and even better when you grab it on sale.

  23. Sting (verified owner)

    A little weak on the nose and dry but a couple days in a jar with Boveda it’s good. 7/10. Still potent with the flavor on point…

  24. richard (verified owner)

    Damn HGA This Strain Isn’t The Same! Guys Are Going DownHill Ever Since U Added Cookie Grower. If you don’t want to be disappointed like me. Stay away from this grow! Harsh, no White Ash. Burn Out Taste.

  25. James W (verified owner)

    Great deal for the black friday, classic strain from hga, still has this nose but the taste has change a little and a little less potent but still really good for the price.

  26. richard (verified owner)

    This train has became very different. It still has the smell but unfortunately it doesn’t pack the punch that it used to. It’s still a go-to-string but it’s not as flavorful and not as strong as it is to be. Good smoke tho 7/10

  27. arcticmonkeys (verified owner)

    Great bang for your buck! Loved this bud.

  28. ted (verified owner)

    The latest batch was kind of a bomb. Very dispointing

  29. richard (verified owner)

    This one was a little harsh. not as potent as the others. 5/10

  30. up_in_smoke_eh (verified owner)

    Thank you. Amazing strain, one of the best ones out there. So very good in every way. Excellent as always.

  31. richard (verified owner)

    This batch was really harsh. No flushed completely. I still have the flower. too harsh. usually it is on point.

  32. benjamin (verified owner)

    September batch. Not as potent as previous ones and could be a little less harsh. but every other aspect is on point. My expectations are always high with this variety as I’ve had some absolute bangers before. So it’s a solid 8.5/10

  33. richard (verified owner)


  34. ted (verified owner)

    Sold out for a reason. Excellent batch. More please.

  35. richard (verified owner)


  36. phil (verified owner)

    Very sedating, classic DMC.

    Really enjoying this labor day batch!

  37. Caked420 (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this one…
    Bag appeals was perfect, mix of big medium and small nugs.
    The nose i get a gassy garlic cookie type of smell.
    The flavor is the same as the odor but a bit complex .
    Buds structure is to my likings.
    Potency is great same as the terpene. Im couchlocked trying to order a meal for the last 1h30 but cant decide what to eat because potency is really great 🙃

  38. richard (verified owner)

    great batch!!

  39. brokenrecess (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this batch, a real knock out.

  40. ted (verified owner)

    Very constant, good as always

  41. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    Last batch was great. Always fire

  42. richard (verified owner)

    This strainn is one of my favorite! i highly recommend you to try. 9/10

  43. Direweed (verified owner)

    Another great buy!

  44. richard (verified owner)

    This Batch was great as i smoked alot of this strain. I highly recommend

  45. rob (verified owner)

    Yess this is the goods, will reorder when it’s restocked. Nice and potent!

  46. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Another amazing batch of DMC. So clean and tasty. Smooth tokes. In my top 10. Always a winner!

  47. madhtter (verified owner)

    A perfect 70/30 that’s a ton of fun when you use a little bit, and puts you to sleep when you do a lot. STILL one of the best flowers you can buy.

  48. Direweed (verified owner)

    mm baked eyes

  49. n (verified owner)

    Beautiful nugs, very thick and compact with all types of different colors. The bud is very sticky and rolls a joint with ease

  50. anasab1718 (verified owner)

    Excellent terps on this batch!

  51. richard (verified owner)

    this strain is fire!! i cant get enough!

    • Kiefer L

      That would ignite the summer. Thanks Richard

  52. richard (verified owner)


  53. Sensi Star (verified owner)

    DMC rightfully earns the title of flagship! The taste, potency, and high are all very good! Fast, potent, and long lasting effects. It is stronger than the last two batches of DMCxCVL, and DMS. Almost as good as DChocM (which I prefer) but not far behind.

    A very clean, smooth smoke, burns nice and even with light grey ash. My only criticisms are: the nose isn’t as pungent as anticipated. The various notes are all there, smells great, just not as pronounced compared to other CG strains. Secondly, while buds are good structured, firm, and dense, the trim could be better.

    Overall, this is a hard hitting indica that’s effective for high tolerance users. A great batch of DMC, and will be looking forward to many more.

  54. cjg (verified owner)

    This is one of HGA’s best DMC batches since they started. Smell is super intoxicating – diesel-y and gassy. Average trim job with minimal leaves. The ash is white with a smooth exhale with a yummy “cookie” strain aftertaste. The high is phenomenal that lasts quite a bit of time that doesn’t knock you out but has the potential to do so in higher doses. I have a huge tolerance due to daily smoking but this still hit me nice and good.

    5/5 flower for sure!

  55. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Seriously after trying this again I can’t help but write another review, “best batch in awhile”?? It smells like hay! What a disappointment

    • Kiefer L

      Thank you for sharing your feedback on the flower, Smith.

      I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with this batch. The flower was harvested about 3 weeks ago. It would consider fresh. We are uncertain the cause of the hay nose of the flower. We have sent you an email to address this matter. Look forward to hearing back from you.

      Team HGA

  56. 420smithers (verified owner)

    May have been a nicely “grown” batch but it was not finished too well. Mine has hints of hay, fortunately it still smells decent upon grinding and tastes good. I figured a few days with integra may have improved but no, 2-3 days in still smells like hay.

  57. Direweed (verified owner)

    even the smell makes me facesweat noice

  58. fevcozmo (verified owner)

    Heavy gassy sour cookie terps just amazing this
    batch rated 8/10 could of been flush a long the smoke is heavy and strong downside the ash could of been a lil cleaner my opinion

  59. dustin (verified owner)

    By far the best nugs ive had for DMC. Powerful buzz as always and smooth taste. I recommend grabbing this batch!

  60. deedinwall (verified owner)

    Best tasting strain

  61. sl19 (verified owner)

    Used to be better but still a reliable buy. Classic staple in your stash

  62. ihaksi123 (verified owner)

    Got an ounce of the DMC. The bag appeal was disappointing and unfortunately had lots of stems. Thankfully the bud was very potent. It’s a strong indica that burns a nice grey. Definitely good for a night time smoke

  63. simplesock (verified owner)

    Great smoke! Nice flavor and a strong indica “stone” that just makes me want to veg out or go to bed, love strains like this. As others have said, there’s some stems/popcorns, etc, but I feel the quality of the smoke more than makes up for it!

  64. Weedybeard (verified owner)

    Very nice grow by cookies grower. Buds came quite small, dry, and stemmy, but other than that its a great smoke. Nice white ash and oil ring. Threw it in a jar with some bovedas and its back to its normal state. I dont mind stems and small buds, so for me it was a great purchase!

  65. richard (verified owner)

    The batch smokes great! I highly recommend it!! grey? white ash!!

  66. adam (verified owner)

    Not great bag appeal (small buds, a bit stemmy for my liking) but the smoke is smooth, tasty and decently potent. Good stuff for the price!

  67. richard (verified owner)

    This Batch was Clean and the terps were there. The only thing is there wasnt really any buds. Its Very Stemy. other than that it smokes great!

  68. ted (verified owner)

    This is my favourite. A clean burning piney Indica with energy booting effects.

  69. Jordan D (verified owner)

    Really awful, sad batch this time – or I just got unlucky. So many stems, so much shake, so much larf, basically all the nugs are smaller than a dime (coin) and it’s just sad. Very very disappointing. I love this strain but I highly suggest you avoid it or ask for proper buds because I paid $182 for an ounce of shake and larf. Thanks a lot guys! (For reference, the $79 Black Pink Smalls had larger and more consistent buds)

  70. Jordan D (verified owner)

    Really awful, sad batch this time – or I just got unlucky. So many stems, so much shake, so much larf, basically all the nugs are smaller than a dime (coin) and it’s just sad. Very very disappointing. I love this strain but I highly suggest you avoid it or ask for proper buds because I paid $182 for an ounce of fucking shake. Thanks a lot guys!

  71. n.da (verified owner)

    The smell and the taste still amazing! Best strain ever!
    Feels a little dry compare at the other batches. Still worth every penny

  72. matthew (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing strain! My all time favorite … ever

  73. up_in_smoke_eh (verified owner)

    My personal fav is this DMC. The smell, the taste, the smooth burn and the high potency always make for a great time.

  74. mwgrun (verified owner)

    Need this back in stock. Big, dense pungent nuts. Never a let down.

  75. sl19 (verified owner)

    Great deal as always.

  76. GreenChiefin (verified owner)

    This one smelt like straight propane type of gas when I first opened the mylar. Haven’t smelt gas like that shopping anywhere else.

  77. sean (verified owner)

    Might be better then the demon breath
    Really great effect.

  78. paul (verified owner)

    Great smoke! I prefer ripping tiny little balls and one-whiff puffs out of a glass bong and the taste is earthy and super smooth, the scent is real strong and pungent but fresh! Nice couch-hugging high for a late-nighter to chill out with. Overall, it’s just awesome smoke!

  79. Ridersfan (verified owner)

    One of my favs for sure pure ?

  80. Nick (verified owner)

    BOING …. MuHaahaaa….. (complete with wringing of hands). Complex and slammin’ buzz.

    Big licensed producers would kill for these kind of genetics. And they’re not getting them.

    HGA, I don’t know how you do it. Much Respect!

  81. richard (verified owner)


  82. richard (verified owner)


  83. zvapes (verified owner)

    Burns well, a little harsh, high didn’t feel like anything special.

  84. richard (verified owner)

    This round was a little harsh on the throat. Still Good stuff for the price!!

  85. bpottz12 (verified owner)

    Truly a gem of a strain, second time ordering and I’ve never been disappointed. A very strong indica and a must try for any indica lover.

  86. richard (verified owner)

    excellent cookie taste i would recommend this strain!!!!

  87. richard (verified owner)

    best strain so far!!

  88. plee7122 (verified owner)

    Excellent strain.. I read about this strain over and over on reddit and now I shop here. Likely the best quality bud you can get at $180/oz on the planet.

  89. captain_morgan_13 (verified owner)

    Living up to the hype. Quite happy. On sale especially a no brainer.

  90. Direweed (verified owner)

    Fat nugs, great cure and very potent oz.

  91. robert (verified owner)

    An excellent strain , has a nice white ash and excellent flavours and aroma. Excellent cookie taste , would recommend this strain. Will definitely be ordering more on my next order.

  92. richard (verified owner)

    white ash! great taste even the trim on this last batch was nice!! thanks HGA

  93. richard (verified owner)

    Best strain ive smoked in a while!! i highly recommend that ppl try this 1.

  94. Direweed (verified owner)

    Frosty and stinky

  95. lekweeeh.12 (verified owner)

    This was one of the first or I think the very first strain I tried off HGA and because of it I have came back multiple times and have tried other things, more then not I’m super excited with what I got. This, the DCM, the DMS, GET THEM! You’ll not find a better price on the quality of buds. Love it!

  96. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    I get this every time it’s in stock. Best strain I have had in years. Love it!

  97. richard (verified owner)

    the hype is toooo real

  98. Direweed (verified owner)

    Great appeal, looking forward to next batch

  99. manhas (verified owner)

    The hype is real.

  100. richard (verified owner)

    the best hybrid ive smoked!!!! highgrade rocks

  101. Phil (verified owner)

    Perfect hybrid that’s slightly more indica dominant. Med-small pieces that are dank and tasty on the exhale. Always an amazing grab!

  102. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Consistently great! Always a true quad! Will buy again and again.

  103. Philippe (verified owner)

    Exceeds all expectations. Great afternoon/late evening smoke! Amazing aroma and taste. AAAA

  104. Barry (verified owner)

    I’m a Death Chocolate Mousse type of guy but after trying this it is now my go to bud Love the flavor and the smell….Can’t go wrong with this one.

  105. man (verified owner)

    The hype is real!

  106. The Dude (verified owner)

    This was the first strain I ever bought from HGA and it got me Hooked! The trim could have been better but I got it on sale so no big deal. Buds were medium sized with 1 big 5.8g that was very appealing. Clean burning with a great taste and the high is a “trippy” one. clear headed with no paranoia. You just can’t go wrong with this bud. Great for anytime of day

  107. cj (verified owner)

    Amazing flavour, great bag appeal and nice smell. A bit harsher than some other AAAA strains I’ve tried, but is definitely very potent!

    Strong indica, steady build up that eventually leaves you couch locked. Promotes appetite.

  108. richard (verified owner)


  109. richard (verified owner)


  110. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    I would buy this over and over and over and over again. Top strain. It’s a classic!

  111. disfigured (verified owner)

    The Death Mint Cookies from HGA is a hands down household favourite now. I have ordered it a few different times, and each time I’m blown away by the effects and potency.

  112. disfigured (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the DMC strain! I have ordered it twice now, and both times were fantastic. Very terpy and hits like a perfect hybrid.

  113. No Body (verified owner)

    Very good 10/10

  114. wad4894085 (verified owner)

    Great strain! Smells so good and love the taste, very potent as well. Clean white ash, slow burning quads =]

  115. James (verified owner)

    Potent cookie gas!

  116. shoda (verified owner)

    Upon cracking the bag open, its very reminiscent of the death chocolate mousse, also from HGA.

    Strong cookies smell accompanied by a lemony, earthy back drop.

    bag appeal is all there. The smoke is amazing, such a complex taste on the exhale. however, it is very similar to the DCM but lacking a bit of punch in comparison. While it is slightly lacking when put beside the DCM, it is still a very solid hybrid, leaning a bit more to the sativa side which leaves u much more clear headed than the mousse.

    would i pick it up again? absolutely. great for any time of day

  117. philkar (verified owner)

    The guy below me says not as strong as DCM, but I disagree.

    In fact, I’ll pick this up over DCM everytime.

    It’s always consistent, incredible quality, and for me the flavor is like nothing else.

    It’s an almost perfect hybrid stone, that ticks so many brackets.

    Much props to the grower, and thank you HGA for offering such an incredible deal!

  118. Ridersfan421 (verified owner)

    Not as strong as dcm but still pure fire great strain!!!

  119. deedin (verified owner)

    I’m in love

  120. devond1982 (verified owner)

    I need more !

  121. eastonbabyd (verified owner)

    The killer

  122. xevcozmo (verified owner)

    Sweet gassy cookie

  123. _yeahmaybe (verified owner)

    glad i finally tried this. really glad there was no mint flavour. good indica high, nice and relaxing. gassy and sweet

  124. richard (verified owner)

    firrreee!! just purchase a oz and i back for more!!! i love this strain! heavy hitter!!

  125. dkravontka (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. Sugar powdered, lovely taste.

  126. jacob (verified owner)

    Consistent quads everytime, you have to love the DMC. A regular in my rotation

  127. roley91 (verified owner)

    Absolute fire. True cookies smell, newest batch has a very nice white ash. Impressed with both DCM and DMC so far, IMO has lived up to the hype! Keep up the quality HGA

  128. rubato (verified owner)

    Just got this new batch, beautiful stuff and definetely on the same level as all previous batches of DCM.

  129. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    The last batch was fire ?
    Stoked to try the new batch! Love this strain everytime!

  130. dinwall (verified owner)

    Can say anything wrong it’s
    ⛑ Fire⛑

  131. travians (verified owner)

    The buds got a correct trim and perfect cure, not too dry or wet and the buds are SUPER sticky. The smell is very strong and pungent, it smells like diesel and a bit citrus. The taste is pretty much the same with a bit of creaminess to it, but it’s really hard to get because the taste of diesel is just so strong. When smoked in a joint it creates a nice oil ring and taste good until the very end. This one is definitely a heavy hitter and more of a night strain, it definitely feels like a sedative with a good body buzz you can instantly feel after taking a hit. This stuff puts me to sleep in the middle of the day with as low as two medium bong hit.

  132. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Strain of the year. Everything you want in your weed. Smooth and tasty.

  133. sl19 (verified owner)

    The best

  134. reece (verified owner)

    I ordered this product and it’s a 10/10 I will be ordering again not disappointed

  135. malamy (verified owner)

    This batch is awesome ! The terps OMG Always go 2 best weed ever !

  136. richard (verified owner)


  137. matthew (verified owner)

    Hands down the dopest dope you’ll ever smoke!

  138. 8082joshua (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite strains. It’s a close between this and Nightmare Cookies. This strain has a classic cookies taste. The bud structure is amazing. Tight dense clusters of frosty cookie goodness. It has a sweetness to it and the classic cookie taste on the exhale. Defenitly a great strain grown by professional growers.

  139. shamil (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain and it definitely ia unique and potent as well

  140. mazzara (verified owner)

    Got the new batch. Still same classic dmc, a classic go to. Some buds seemed to have some very light green leaves. Very potent and tasty. Love it

  141. piotr_w (verified owner)

    Nice smooth high, midgrade length, very relaxing. Nice medium size nugs with a nice fresh smell when ground.

  142. dkravontka (verified owner)

    One of my favorites. Thanks HGA!
    Gassy notes, very dense on the intake. Excellent cure

  143. piffdiet (verified owner)

    received mine early feb , …. its okay but for 200$ mostly small (popcorn) and the taste is fine .. not to surprise by this batch

  144. extremefighter (verified owner)

    Great Sh1t!!

  145. richard (verified owner)

    Not Impressed With These Batch. Flavor Wasnt There as Usuall. Very LIGHT Smoke . Just Didnt Hit/ Smoke per usual.
    Clean SmokeThoo. 6/10

  146. kate_0326 (verified owner)

    Finally got to try this and I am not disappointed. Very nicely cured, sticky buds. The price on this is just amazing and it’s super strong too

  147. felix (verified owner)

    Amazing strain with a great and overpowering nose ! So palatable it’s smooth and gassssy ! Pure ? from HGA !

  148. yseguin87 (verified owner)

    I bought a 14 of this strain and i wasn’t disapointed. Good taste and gr8 buzz. Fast shipped and it wasn’t too much dry, just how i like it.

  149. Direweed (verified owner)

    Had this before the latest jan batch, great size nugs dark spearheads and caked in white. gets me really sedated under my eyes and perfect for near bedtime for sure.

  150. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. I would order it again and again.

  151. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    Haven’t had the latest batch but the batch before was amazing, always a winner.

  152. Kush king 74 (verified owner)

    This latest batch is amazing. great purple colour, gassy aroma and great potency

  153. richard (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this strain, it is for sure in my top 5! thanks highgrade for doing a great job with the grow but alot keeping it in a reasonable price range

  154. joshua (verified owner)

    Really enjoy this strain and was what brought me to HGA originally. Always on sale and a true quad in my books. Very hard to find better value.

  155. imsoalpha1 (verified owner)

    Amazing bud. Loved it so much. My top 5 for sure. Sweet gassy inhale with a minty exhale. Wish it comes back. 9.5/10

  156. gnomophobic (verified owner)

    love it, Im sedated, exhale is great. minty dope! hopefully it’ll be back

  157. kyle (verified owner)

    to the guy who complained about seeds, yea. discovered the same. BUT that was the december batch ( it didnt take away form potency)

    Jan batch is more gassy/purple and better bag appeal

  158. jay (verified owner)

    Love the death mint cookies.The smells reminds me of cookies and gas.The lowest I ve seen this strain was at 140$ plus shipping a steal for the quality of this flower.

  159. isaac (verified owner)

    Very good Indica buzz with a great taste and aroma. I need to come back for the death chocolate moose but I’m sacred because I found seeds In this last batch

  160. matthew (verified owner)

    This is the best flower I have smoked in a long time. Hits right away and has very nice effects. I will be ordering this again

  161. s.buttonshaw (verified owner)

    My favourite strain on HGA right now. It looks great but smokes and tastes even better! All around quad

  162. alonzohynes (verified owner)

    Very consistent bud. Although batches seem to tip a little one way or the other, you are getting both the euphoric rush of the Girl Scout as well as the intense body sedation of the Death. The batch before christmas was full marks perfect quad.

  163. yseguin87 (verified owner)

    Great Stuff! I love it!

  164. isaacemin (verified owner)

    December batch AAAA in all categories beautiful bud!

  165. sl19 (verified owner)

    december batch was a top 5 strain of the year. Stupid sticky cookie gas with a snow white ash and greasy dripping oil ring.

  166. matt (verified owner)

    My favourite from HGA, December batch was probably the best yet.

  167. 420smithers (verified owner)

    Amazing herb… sweet minty gas… heavy hitting indica hybrid without overwhelming sedation

  168. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    December batch was great.. knocked it outta the park yet again.

  169. lotzca (verified owner)

    Everything is already said.
    Awesome weed 🙂

  170. Thcsurrey (verified owner)

    picked up the popcorn and what an amazing deal, its just like the regular sized but smaller sized nugs which are still caked in trichomes and are potent as hell. Very solid pickup and I would definitely get the popcorn again

  171. Philippe (verified owner)

    Best batch yet! Love that this one goes on sale often. Very sticky mostly medium sized pieces. Excellent potency and more narcotic/indica leaning this time. Great taste and smell. Fuel and sweet cookies terps. Would buy again

  172. Ridersfan421 (verified owner)

    Did not disappoint. Great strain thanks hga

  173. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    This batch of DMC is definitely one of the best of the year.. maybe they will post some more before the end of the christmas season.

  174. nick (verified owner)

    First time trying this one and I really like it. Gassy cookies type scent with a great gassy taste, incredibly smooth on the lungs too. Bag appeal is awesome with purple hues all over the green buds and tons of trichomes. I’d say potency is lower than DCM, but it’s still a nice strong smoke. Definitely recommend.

  175. lotzca (verified owner)

    What a nice strain, defenetly will buy again 🙂

  176. john (verified owner)

    Really nice batch, frosty almost all medium nugs too

  177. connoisseurking (verified owner)

    That was the strain ? brought from the north pole for us to all smoke so we dont get Covid ho ho ho hoes ….I bought 3oz now I’m ready to smoke ? like a rock ? star ? . Saving this shit for Xmas ?…….
    Rudolph ? the red nose reindeer ? had a very frosty nose ? .

    Dmc is a must buy…bring this shit back…….I need more HGA.

  178. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Gripped the latest batch of DMC. My favorite batch to date. Bag appeal and taste are on point. Great potency for the price. Sticky icky nice sized buds. Very pleased

  179. richard (verified owner)

    This batch was Gasss but alot lighter than the past. Great appearance, and smell , the smoke was just lite.

  180. malamy (verified owner)

    This batch is awesome ! I love death mint cookie the taste on my vaporizer is incredible ! Terps is on the point with hga!

  181. dalsian (verified owner)

    Very good strain first time trying. Lives up to the hype and will order again. Thanks hga

  182. matt (verified owner)

    One of my HGA favourites. Can’t wait to try the new batch.

  183. Jordan D (verified owner)

    Bring it back! One of the best strains I’ve had from HGA. Definitely wait for a sale but if you can’t resist, I still think you’ll be satisfied.

  184. jroca87 (verified owner)

    Just made my top 10 !
    Even though I got small buds they were still amazing, smelt great and got me nice and baked! For sure a strong indica! 😀

  185. chevy (verified owner)

    Very flavorful strain… also packs a punch buzz wise… very resinous aswell…made for awsome joints… very nice..

  186. malamy (verified owner)

    Oh wow! Awesome batch ! My favorite strain ever ! Thanks Hga!

  187. robotstone55 (verified owner)

    Interesting bud structure, mostly smalls a few trim leaves with a gassy indica smell not too pungent but still plenty after jarring for a night. Cooks up thick in the vape and hits the throat a bit, but the effects are definitely AAAA and Indica. 8/10

  188. keskesay (verified owner)

    Smalls mid October – 5/5
    Hats off to the growers producing this strain. They found parent strains that work really well together and hga are able to offer this at reasonable list prices with god tier sales that pop up fairly often. Strain could be renamed Swiss Army Knife; effects are enjoyable at any time of the day. Best batch so far.

  189. wrecivicsi (verified owner)

    Purchase the small OZ special, no shake no trim, o leaf only nice little mug. Great taste (little harsh) great potency .. i must try full size next time

  190. imononex2 (verified owner)

    Flower smelled fantastic when I first opened it. The bud was perfectly cured, not dry and had a nice squish to it. Buds aren’t too dense and a bit stemmy but thats OK. The smoke was fantastic with a white ash and no cough at all when inhaled. High was mellow, found this batch not as strong as the Earth Bind Cookies. Buds were really small though with barely any “medium” sized buds.

  191. everydaylovin (verified owner)

    Love DMC. This strains is one of my favorites. Highly recommended and always a great valued. Props to this grower

  192. sstep041 (verified owner)

    Not only was this deal amazing… the bud was better than expected. I figured this would be some sort of excess order and maybe the quality would suffer because of it, but holy cow this bud some sticky sweet goodness. I am a seasoned smoker and the first bowl of this had me almost wanting to lay down for a few minutes. Would buy again in an instant even if not on sale!

  193. rance (verified owner)

    What else can be said, great smell, taste and buzz. Latest batch has nice size nugs too. Good smoke for the price no doubt.

  194. Aaron N (verified owner)

    Not happy with the current batch, very small buds, should be more than 30% off. I would stick to smalls/popcorn if available and save some money.

  195. Highbridz (verified owner)

    4.5/5. *review from August* Getting the regular sized buds was worth it, still not expensive on sale for what you get. Classic DMC teps and mostly medium-samll size thin xmas tree appel. I appreciate how consistent the grows are with this, enjoy it everytime. This batch gave a slight scratch on the throat but the potency made up for it.

  196. Highbridz (verified owner)

    5/5. This was the best bag of smalls ive gotten so far, almost no shake or bad pieces. Awesome mint cake smell that matches the appeal of the nugs. If I only had one strain to smoke for the rest of days this might be it. Heavy stone that goes straight behind your eyes and hits your body a few minutes later. Super smooth smoke, caked up nose and bag appeal. <3 HGA for growing this strain and offering sales on it.

  197. mikeps692 (verified owner)

    Been looking at reviews online about a month now. It lives up to all the hype and then some im glad i picked it up.

  198. imononex2 (verified owner)

    Straight off the bat, for a “quad” the trim wasn’t very good in the bag and I wasn’t pleased with the amount of stems.Buds were mostly small with a few medium pieces. It has a nice gassy smell to it but it is still subtle. Cured pretty good, not dry or too moist. First impression smoking it is that is provides a nice white ash with a good oil ring. Potency is there but it’s not a couch lock high. I’d say potency 8.5. Value 7.5. Overall this is about an 8 overall. Wasn’t overly impressed.

  199. justin (verified owner)

    Grabbed this a couple orders back loved this strain and especially for the price you can’t go wrong at all 5*

  200. blakelyroyal (verified owner)

    The flagship that never disappoints.
    They will smell you coming!

  201. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    Had this strain 3 times from HGA so far.. I think the latest batch was the weakest.. That being said, still a great go to anytime.

  202. condescending2000 (verified owner)

    the smalls for 137 was better than a lot of $250+ ozs i have bought from other places

  203. malamy (verified owner)

    Amazing taste and potency ! Terps is incredible on this ! Outstanding bag appeal ! Thanks Hga!

  204. Highbridz (verified owner)

    I’m thankful that this strain was created. The inital quick hitting effect is able to reset my mood and keep focus when the body high sets in. Almost feels like medication imo. Back to back oz of smalls that were 4/5 & 5/5. The newer batch is easier on the throat, bold terps. <3 HGA

  205. Paul (verified owner)

    This is some amazing bud. In my top 5 for sure!

  206. phil (verified owner)

    My first purchase with HGA. Bought an OZ, and am extremely satisfied with my purchase.
    Very dank cookie smell, love the taste in a joint. Got mostly big finger sized nugs, little to no popcorn.

    Solid 9.5/10

    Would buy again and again and again.

  207. Sqdcsuck (verified owner)

    This batch was not comparable. Seems as it wasn’t flushed correctly which gave it a harsh Smoke On The Throat. First time I’ve experienced this with this strain. 7/10.

  208. aramtrader (verified owner)

    Not particularly thrilled with my order. Description says medium to small size nugs. I got one medium sized nug and the rest smalls…..where are you hiding all the nice nugs HGA ???? I won’t order this again

  209. Philippe (verified owner)

    Got another half, this time bag appeal wasn’t as good: mostly small to medium sized pieces. Buds came in fresh, still dank with a bit of stick to them. Great taste & indica leaning potency!

  210. MC1976 (verified owner)

    Got some popcorn this q but still amazing quality stuff!

  211. richard (verified owner)

    In my opinion this batch was not comparable. Seems as it wasn’t flushed correctly which gave it a harsh Smoke On The Throat. First time I’ve experienced this with this strain

  212. pacalypse (verified owner)

    Bought an oz of the smalls/popcorn and I don’t regret it! Nice sized bud for smalls , nice trichomes minty doughy smell . Will buy again!

  213. richard (verified owner)

    good quality Bud. This Batch was a bit lighter/ more airy. Still Good stuff!

  214. QuadHunter (verified owner)

    Grower knows whats going on! This is a very tasty strain. Knocks me on my ass. I am a GSC connoisseur and this is another hit! The Durban Poison is also noticeable in the inhale. Clean and smooth. Please keep restocking this! True quad.

  215. kevin (verified owner)

    Bought some back in August and it was amazing. Taste was phenomenal and the effects were perfect for a night on the couch.

  216. azzyblack (verified owner)

    This strain sets the bar really high: potent high, killer flavour, OUTSTANDING PRICE ????

  217. pkfire343 (verified owner)

    Great weed. Flavor was an earthy cookie on inhale, but an amazing subtle mint on exhale. Strong potency with long lasting effects. I found it a well balanced hybrid in the sense its great for Indica like activates, but without the sleepiness that is often associated with heavy Indica strains. In a joint it smoked it like a proper quad; white ash, perfect burn and oil ring. The only thing I wasn’t huge on was the way it smoked in my bong. I thought it could’ve been a bit smoother.
    Quality: 8.5/10 Value(Sale Price): 10/10

  218. lglopez85 (verified owner)

    I always order this strain it never disappoints always fresh and potent. Ordered the smalls this time and buds are covered with crystals, clean white ash and great flavor definitely recommended

  219. Highbrid (verified owner)

    5/5. Got an oz of smalls and it was better than expected. Mature small buds caked up in classic dmc terps and smoke. Ty HGA for DMC

  220. Philippe (verified owner)

    Fourth time ordering the DMC, I really love this consistent offering from HGA! It is supremely satisfying in every category if you’re a cookies & indica fan. Thick smoke, oil ring in a joint, almost like sweet baked dessert flavours that a complex on the exhale, just a truly enjoyable smoke. High potency indica leaning stone that I find versatile in use, but best saved for late afternoons and evenings before bed. Medicinal users can also enjoy this for managing pain throughout the day.

  221. lekweeeh.12 (verified owner)

    Was my first time ordering and grabbed this bad boy, amazing product. Smell, High, Texture, Smoke, all amazing will definitely be grabbing again or at least some as equal to this if not better I must try.

  222. Nish (verified owner)

    So this is pretty similar to the Death Mint Ultra. This has more of a cookie taste and is extremely dank. More so than it’s counterpart. I’d say the same goes for the buzz effect of it. As it’s not quite couch locking, but still very similar effects. Furthermore, the buds were chubby nugs and covered in trichomes. Definitely a 9/10 value/quality

  223. richard (verified owner)


  224. cjg (verified owner)

    Very pretty flower!!! Potency is so good that I can’t believe they sell this at this price point considering the market right now. Nose was muted, and I did get a lot of smalls so I guess its pretty fair. Overall, 8/10 order. Solid product!

  225. manu (verified owner)

    A really good looking bud!!! Smells amazing and taste amazing too. Gives a nice strong buzz every time. Most people would say it’s a night time smoke but it’s equally good for the day if u want to be really ripped.

  226. benbickrs (verified owner)

    A little leafy, as said in the description but not enough to bother me, great smell and really enjoyable indica dominant high. Overall, really fun strain.

  227. jsmith024 (verified owner)

    My fourth time having it and it just keeps getting better and better. Thanks HGA

  228. Budway (verified owner)

    This minty goodness never gets tired. It seems to get better every batch. Highly recommend

  229. supawazzah76 (verified owner)

    Bomb weed 9/10

  230. rubatofunki (verified owner)

    One of the best order ive had in my life 🙂 10/10

  231. dakota (verified owner)

    Always unsure of my self so I grabbed this but I’m glad I did. It’s tough to grind but not a complaint and easy to roll, held a good ash with some resins dropped along. Recomended and keeping it around.

  232. nyles (verified owner)

    This is the Funk Fire ? Minty Minty Goodness and Sooooo Pungent!!!
    Doughy and gummy crystal caked dense nugs cured to Perfection each time:)
    Death Mint Cookies is an easy win:)

  233. nspman (verified owner)

    Buy this regularly whenever it comes on sale. Awesome deal for awesome weed.

  234. amudderlikenoudder (verified owner)

    This is absolutely beautiful! Fantastic!
    Some of my top go to buds for sure. Ordered my 2nd oz…thank you hga you definitely have some Bangin Bud

  235. wavegun23 (verified owner)

    Killer flower, amazing nose and potency, definitely true quads

  236. johnnyfive91 (verified owner)

    had to buy another oz after burning through my first 14g, this batch is killer!

  237. dhaliwad (verified owner)

    picked up the smalls for 137/oz
    pretty decent bag, great summer smoke
    i’d rather pay more for the big nugs tho ;]

  238. hacketyapps (verified owner)

    OMFG!!! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had some true quads like this! Now the only minor complaint I have is the amount of stems, probably why it’s on sale maybe. The rest though WOW! such a pungent sweet/sour cookie smell that filled my whole basement for ~5 hours when I just transferred the perfectly cured buds from the bag to my jar.

    I also have a really high tolerance, it’s been quite a while since an Indica dom has really hit me hard and boy did this hit me hard! I only took 4 bowls with my Solo 2 and I was really high! The taste was fabulous, the vaping so smooth and so much vapor! The buds are also caked with trichs! I will definitely buy this one again!

  239. johnnyfive91 (verified owner)

    this batch is even stinkier than the last. overall my favorite from HGA!

  240. jacob (verified owner)

    Even better than the last batch if that’s at all possible! Can’t ever go wrong with the DMC, a heavy hitting, sticky and tasty, everything you want from a cookies strain.

  241. rob (verified owner)

    Great strain, potent, well cured. 2nd time ordering, would order again

  242. s_dion1 (verified owner)

    Wow! Très bon strain …puissant goût odeur gas skunky terreux !!

  243. bdavies743 (verified owner)

    Fantastic herb. Definitely a quad A strain! HGA comes through in the clutch yet again!!

  244. blakelyroyal (verified owner)

    Amazing will get again!

  245. lexiemaried21 (verified owner)

    Really nice herb. Grown proper. I have ordered this on two separate occasions. Most recent one is better than the first batch, that being said first batch was still really really good. Rating 4/5 on the first batch and 4.5/5 on the most recent batch. If its on sale, grab it asap.

  246. canuck883 (verified owner)

    I have ordered this 3 times now and holy hell is this batch wicked! I have used around 5 different moms in the past year or so and HGA is hands down my favourite. Their products are consistently good quality, they have one of the best customer service teams out there AND they have magical shipping. My order went out on Friday and arrived today, Monday (I’m in AB). I also didn’t use Purolator, this was sent through CP. Keep up the awesome job, HGA! 🙂

  247. kissing-the-shadow (verified owner)

    15 years of smoking, 1 year of ordering from moms and tried 8 different ones. Ordered DMC 4 times now. Pretty sure its in my all time top 3 but I might forget a couple strains so not sure but it’s the best I’ve had from moms (only got oz under 200$ so keep in mind) and the best I can actually remember. This is were you stop looking and trying everything and just get this.

  248. kissing-the-shadow (verified owner)

    really fucking dank indeed

  249. fox (verified owner)

    Really dank

  250. zelayaconnections (verified owner)

    My second time ordering death mint cookies and all I can say is this is true quads, you’ll never be disappointed with strain, it’s definitely worth every penny !

  251. alexnacc26 (verified owner)

    Man I absolutely love this stuff. Ordered it twice now and both times were amazing.

  252. thisispaulsgirl (verified owner)

    Death Mint Cookies is a true STAR! When I received my first order I immediately ordered more. It has a beautiful nose and flavour, followed by a strong indica buzz that is perfect for evening for me. My buds were medium to small but the quad quality and buzz does not disappoint in any way!

  253. richard (verified owner)


  254. jacob (verified owner)

    Hey I picked this up on sale alittle while ago.
    Can’t say it really did anything great for me. Loved the pink sunset, death chocolate mouse, yuck mouth was pretty solid. Red Congo was sweet.
    Iunno it was okay but I’ve had a lot better from here

  255. josh (verified owner)

    this stuff really does live up to the hype. I would say it’s the terpiest stuff in my stash right now. taste reminds me of a good gassy death bubba but feels like a nice even hybrid. The DCM was much heavier of an indica. DCM looks a bit better and the bag had less popcorn, but this DMC is even better terp wise and potency wise.

  256. Sqdcsuck (verified owner)

    Un des meilleurs pot. Le buzz est excellent. Le high est motivant puis tranquillement pas vite arrive un sublime down. Les terpènes sont d’une odeur à faire saliver. Tout simplement sur la coche.

  257. daniel (verified owner)

    What more is there to say about this product? Beautiful bag appeal, gasssy, cheesy, earth, burns white ash. Phenomenal indica leaning high that’s great for all day, however over indulgence will put you to sleep.

  258. nyles (verified owner)

    HGA’s Death Mint Cookies is one of the best!!!
    Received a sample in my last order, and oh it was sooooooo good!!!!
    Minty cookie taste and sooo pungent!! Amazing Cure and Potency Just Amazing:)
    It makes me want more, I Really Hope this is back soon:)

  259. condescending2000 (verified owner)

    a must try and way stronger than i thought it would be

  260. walsh (verified owner)

    Friend recommended this to me, glad she did. Beautiful crystally nugs, smooth taste, strong high. Big fan.

  261. buddnyce (verified owner)

    Solid AAAA Ganga! This weed is amazing and never lets me down. The buds are dense, sticky, and covered in trichomes. Burns super slow in a joint and tastes like it smells(tangy/gassy)It’s always a treat to pick this stuff up!

  262. cakesandcheese (verified owner)

    I ordered the smalls and was kinda sad at first when I seen just how small they were, but wow they are potent. As soon as you open the bag you’re hit with a very pungent odor that smells more like “Good weed” then anything to me. Clean burn, heavy hits. Just a gem all around, a must try.

  263. daim (verified owner)

    There is a reason why there are so many positive reviews about this strain from HGA. Solid weed even in smalls, you still get quad level traits. Nice potent high, nice cure, I do wish the nugs were bigger but they are still packing a nice solid punch. Highly recommended for a reason.

  264. Highbrid (verified owner)

    Third order and just as good. I love this strain in the evening and before bed because it hits hard and is good for appetite boost, pain, anxiety and sleep when used heavy.

  265. johnny (verified owner)

    my second time ordering this one. definitely worth it when its on sale – nice buzz, clean burn, beautiful smell. nugs are a bit undersized but hey

  266. gss_ (verified owner)

    Nothing great . No wonder it was on sale. Could have been more potent . This is not a quad by any means. This was my first time ordering from here . I grabbed a zip for 175 it was on sale plus I used a 25 off code. Not a huge disappointment it’s not bad but for a quad I was expecting much better.

  267. malamy (verified owner)

    It’s the best weed of I’ve NEVER HAD !! Awesome strain very gassy good taste !

  268. joshcan (verified owner)

    pleased with this strain and incredible value for the price. similar to the chocolate mousse but more of an even hybrid. similar gassy smell that comes through on the smoke. potency is strong. absolutely love it

  269. graphix (verified owner)

    Grabbed another on sale. Really like this strain, Great vapour .

  270. rob (verified owner)

    Great strain, well cured, caked buds. Smokes great. Tastes great

  271. The_Cob (verified owner)

    A little late on this review! Great strain. Nice and potent. Smokes beautifully and smells great. I cried a little inside when I smoked the last of it. Haha.

  272. jacob (verified owner)

    Insane quality for the price listed!! Definitely a true Quad. Might have some slightly smaller buds if purchasing the sale price, but does not take away from how awesome this strain is. Would purchase again in a heartbeat.

  273. evan (verified owner)

    a favorite of mine would recommend for anyone. Will knock you out

  274. kcoakley (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved this strain. What are you waiting for? grab some!!

  275. Thcsurrey (verified owner)

    The second batch of med smalls had bigger nugs than my first batch. Really enjoyed this strain and had to re up cos i couldn’t bare running out. HGA does not mess around

  276. psand (verified owner)

    2nd batch was just as good. Great bag appeal, terps, and high. Thank you HGA for this sale! 4.5/5

  277. psand (verified owner)

    1oz smalls. Amazing smell, freshly caked buds that are nice and potent. Good for anytime of the day imo, nice head and body stone that’s still functional. Good for increasing appetite and stress. Found it a bit harsh sometimes but the best deal I’ve gotten in a while. 4.5/5

  278. nylesspencer (verified owner)

    Again DMC does not let down!! So pungent and tasty!!
    This new sale batch is crazy sticky and pungent!! More then usual
    and bud size is larger!! This should be selling out fast.

  279. richard (verified owner)

    Whit Ash! Great Overall smoke! One of the best strains i have smoked in canada!

  280. johnnyfiv (verified owner)

    great smoke, clean burn and amazing taste. nice hybrid buzz. would buy again!

  281. richard (verified owner)

    This is one of my go to. You cannot go wrong with this heavy hitting indica

  282. Phil (verified owner)

    Smooth with great hybrid potency! Sweet gassy taste with a hint of mint. Burns white.

  283. kasey (verified owner)

    Grabbed a smalls bag then a regular, some of the best weed I’ve ever smoked, great taste smooth smoke and potent high. Highly recommend

  284. arsh (verified owner)

    One of the easiest smoking strains ive come across smooth smoke with white and grey ash. Bought a hp while it was going for 160. Highly recommended if you can get it on sale.

  285. daim (verified owner)

    Awsome pickup man I can’t express it enough how glad I am to score this deal. This is what true quads are suppose to be, everything that’s listed under the quads were checked off. This just started my day off right. Definitely getting some more especially at the sale price before it is all gone. Will be getting the next batch also if it is back in stock.

  286. graphixe (verified owner)

    Great product and service. Potent, fresh, great smell and taste.

  287. maxime (verified owner)

    Look so good, smell good, taste verry good ! I definitely recommend this strain ♡

  288. allen (verified owner)

    HGA coming through with a killer chron deal. This strain will be a regular in my rotation from now on. That smell and taste though….

  289. Phil (verified owner)

    HGA really hooking us up with this deal. Potent, long lasting effects for pain management & great for anytime of the day. True to its name, has a hint of mint with that sweet sweet gas! 10/10

  290. nyles (verified owner)

    Thank You HGA!! This is a wonderful strain!
    Potent and great taste, super sticky!
    Unique is right:)

  291. dbosko (verified owner)

    Heard alot about this stuff so had to pull the trigger to find out what all the hype was about.. Great tasting, smooth smoke, clean white ash burn throughout. Great smelling but not super potent on the nose. The high itself seemed to carry on for a good amount of time and it definitely has me motivated to bang out regular activities no problem! Would grab again 100%

  292. nathan (verified owner)

    feels like 60% Indica, It’s great for stress and doesn’t tire me out. Well grown, amazing value and quality.

  293. michaelg (verified owner)

    very nice indica hybrid, smooth and smells very unique, quality AAAA

  294. stevet (verified owner)

    Best deal going!!!! Very heavy hitting, great at evening to chill out and just leave your worries behind! Beautiful looking bugs, awesome taste, and what a price!

  295. Lee (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Clean burn and potent. I ordered it twice.

  296. natun (verified owner)

    There’s a lot of live for this strain at the moment, and probably for a good reason. My batch was a bit different. It really didn’t look, smell or feel like a true quad. My buds were small and I guess the word to use is stemmy. Not sure if I got the short end of the batch but I’m happy for those who enjoyed their order. Not looking to cause any problems but just giving an honest review.
    Buds were small to medium sized, kinda light and the smell was ok, buzz was alright.
    Again, just giving an honest review.

  297. richard (verified owner)

    the smoke was light, and a bit harsh for a quad.

  298. itsmeangela (verified owner)

    I’ve never smelled or tasted anything like this, you need to try it!! Really nice high. This is easily my new favorite strain <3

  299. rich (verified owner)

    My fav by far!! this flower is tasty and strong

  300. Muizz (verified owner)

    One of my favorite buds for sure !!
    Clean and smooth hit the buds were dense and sticky .

    Absolute must buy !

  301. Lee D (verified owner)

    5/5 this is potent flower. Nice taste and perfect burn!

  302. psandwel (verified owner)

    Probably the best pick up ive gotten in years. Great quality bud – moisture, cure, potency, terps, smooth smoke… its all there.

  303. jsmith (verified owner)

    unreal bag appeal , decent sized nugs with great bud structure . Potent but very smooth on the exhale , cured to perfection. Sticky icky and ash is snow white. One of my top 3 purchases of the year.

  304. dhali (verified owner)

    Pretty nice buds for the price! Smooth tasty and thick smoke! Nice evening smoke

  305. john (verified owner)

    ordered on a friends word, was not disappointed. heavy high and smooth as well, if you can get this on sale definitely don’t hesitate.

  306. david (verified owner)

    Ordered an oz of this, ordered a second one only a few days later. This was a new batch with a slightly different look, more purple hues than on the last batch but same amazing nose and taste. Really potent stuff, always a good oil ring when smoking my joint. I deem this my perfect strain as it is in every possible ways. Big thanks to HGA!

  307. rich (verified owner)

    This is a go o for sure! smooth an very tasty!!!

  308. akuma (verified owner)

    Yeah Love it, real nice. Quality, potent terpy, small nugs, gassy, smooth, heavy fkn hitter……..sleeping now ?

  309. robertq (verified owner)

    fragrant and smooth . thanks:)

  310. marme (verified owner)

    I’m not used to weed this good. WOW ! This stuff is good . Best weed I’ve ever had. Thanks sooooo much.

  311. mlavi (verified owner)

    So smooth and tasty.
    Clean smoke and perfect white ashes.
    I ll definitly order it again.

  312. Lucas (verified owner)

    One of my favorite strains in awhile, really powerful with the nice cookies flavour 10/10 and great price.

  313. zelayaco (verified owner)

    My first time ordering from HGA and am quite amaze with this purchase. The buds are medium size. The smell is incredible. Burns so smooth and slow with white ash. The Potency of the bud is great.

  314. phlups (verified owner)

    As others have said, this is a tremendous deal at $140 – $160. Great bag appeal, strong nose and taste and a solid hybrid buzz for me. Would be hard pressed to find better product for less money. Well done HGA!

  315. arsh (verified owner)

    My first purchase with HGA and am quite satisfied. Nugs were very frosty and medium to small in size with no leaves. Clean smoke with light grey ash. Overall: bud is 7.5/10 value 10/10 (420 sale)

  316. he_got_juice (verified owner)

    Great bag appeal with a very unique taste and smell

  317. eli (verified owner)

    I usually go for the $100oz deals but seeing it was 420 I wanted to grab a quad and see the difference. Couldnt pass up on this deal from HGA which was still 50% off at the time. The bud was dank, sticky and still pretty potent. Taste – 9/10, Potency 9/10, Value 10/10!

  318. matt (verified owner)

    This strain is fire! Smells looks like greatness! Definitely would not recommend to anyone reading this review because I want it all to my self!

  319. mcree (verified owner)

    I picked this up for my first order with HGA with the 420 special they have on and WOW!! What a flower!! Visually its perfect with very little leaf, if any, crystal stacked in every crevice and a TIGHT bud structure. Just gorgeous bud! It has a sharp fuelly, pungent nose with a hint of sweetness. Amazing scent. Perfectly cured and burns a white ash with great flavor, very much like the nose, and potency to match. This is the best deal of 420 for me and I’m very happy I got in on it. I liked it so much I ordered another…lol. That’s rare. Get some folks, shes a BEAUTY!!!

  320. mazzara (verified owner)

    First time grabbing from HGA and honestly this is some true quads. Everyone on reddit seemed to love it. Cured to perfection. Got it on sale and it’s worth every penny at that price.

  321. G W (verified owner)

    It’s a STEAL for what they selling for it now! By far one of their TOP quads. The small nugs are quite potent but I recently got one with huge buds. Not sure if it’s just me but it was way more potent than the small nugs. I am a veteran smoker and I had to lay down after. Anyhow, the taste of this strain, hard to explain for me but it is smoooooth. HGA definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to quality. Keep it up!

    Long time customer!

  322. matthew (verified owner)

    Great flavour, great buzz. Super uplifting and relaxing, with no major couch lock.

  323. MC (verified owner)

    Amazing flower and the best deal of 420 at 140 an o. Sweet dough with sharp Fuel underones. Perfect hybrid effects that last. A really enjoyable flower. Thanks HGA!

  324. tom (verified owner)

    Really good deal for $140, great taste, smell, white ash and potency. No complaints at all for a $140 Oz!

  325. thecont (verified owner)

    Wow! High quality quads. Gassy smell and a real nice buzz. Nice and frosty as well. A+

  326. Phil (verified owner)

    Absolute fire! One of the best offerings and a great example of an HGA quad. I’d even rate this AAAA+.
    You really can’t go wrong with this deal. Only wish I ordered more.

  327. robert (verified owner)

    Great buds. Excellent nose and burn. Potent and relaxing high. A little too cerebral for me but my wife loves it. Never disappointed by HGA’s quads.

  328. m.coppola (verified owner)

    Just tried it today and I’m loving my purchase. Fresh, medium sized nugs that came with a boveda. Gassy dank indica smell. Translates nicely into flavor. Very nice potency. Glad I scooped this up

  329. wills (verified owner)

    This strain is really bomb, have had it a few times now and it gives a superb high, nice add to the cookie family

  330. david (verified owner)

    ????Absolutely loved it. Another winner by HGA. Without a shred of a doubt one of the top moms in the business. This flower was perfect. Pungent nose, great taste, greasy buds, loved it!!

  331. Phillip (verified owner)

    Decided to reup and take advantage of the recent sales and grab some of this.The below reviews on on point.In my opinion his stuff tastes good,smells good and is potent that I found good for the evening but on quarantine can smoke this all day ha!Props to whoever grew this.Top notch quality and service especially for the price.

  332. mariana

    This strain is so so good I live to smoke it before bed as it gives me the best sleeps

  333. fp (verified owner)

    OMG! Thank you HGA! Top notch MOM!

  334. rich (verified owner)

    I really love this strain. It smoke this before bed and it does the job every time.

  335. andrew (verified owner)

    Like many others this strain is definitely one of my favorite you carry. I’ll vape about a .2 .3 and the high lasts a long time, potent nugs. Nice and sticky and loud smelling, this was grown perfectly. Whoever grew this deserves mad props, I love it when HGA stocks these cookie strains, would love to see more!

  336. richard (verified owner)

    this is my favorite strain right now by far. smooth smoke. again, white ashes. super dank.

  337. ric (verified owner)

    Clean burn, whit ashes. This strain has great flavor and is super relaxing! highly recommend

  338. richard (verified owner)

    This strain was one of my favorites. It was a smooth, clean smoke with pungent smell. Has a cookie taste to it. Well grew. Grey/white ashes. Definitely recommend it!

  339. lglopez85 (verified owner)

    With this strain you can taste the mint cookies inhale and exhale, death star also shines through, perfect blend. The buzz is great for social gathering or relaxing, smokes strong with pure white ashes, my new favorite

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