Strains: Just what is a strain?

A Foreword

The focus of this article is to help people who are new to cannabis understand the different terminology of ways to categorize  It is was written with the intent that new users get a feel for the different flavors of cannabis and their uses, so let’s jump right on in.

Cannabis has many, many uses, from healthy, plant based protein, to producing a pulp that can be refined into fibers for textiles [1], to insulation and concrete for construction, to biodiesel[2] for a better solution to our petrol problems, all the way down to the awesome medicine that helps so many of us on a day to day basis. Although the first few of my examples were based on a single strain of cannabis called hemp, cannabis itself has been differentiated by many names over the years. “Marijuana”, has been the coined term since the early 19th century, when it was demonized by the cotton, tobacco, and booze industries of a developing North America [3].

Today, Cannabis has wrongly been labeled “the gateway drug”, but hear you me, cannabis is only the path to a new realm of thought, access to the now in the present moment, and the gateway to the munchies. It seems fair to say that whoever is reading this is at least a cannabis enthusiast at the bare minimum, if not a supporter, or user because I mean, this is an article published on an online dispensary, so naturally, the people reading this have to have a thing for weed right?

Strains: Diving In

Well, hopefully, and that is good, because a vast majority of the world is forgetting that this plant that cannot speak for itself, is actually medicine, and if you happen to be someone who is just starting to learn about cannabis, and how it can be medicine, this article is perfect for you, so just bear with me and let’s get to the good stuff.

Cannabis is just the scientific name of the plant, however, there are countless numbers of species or strains that exist in the world. Each of which performs differently than the next, and are responsible for its own individual experience. To make things easier, cannabis has been broken down into three main types: Sativa, and Indica, with the third simply being Hybrids.

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Sativa strains are your typical “daytime” type strains. They usually induce feelings of euphoria with boosts of energy that stimulate and are centered in the mind. Their uplifting sensation has been reported and is known to help, if not completely, melt away the stress, tension, and monotony of day to day life [4]. Sativa enthusiasts report a healthier outlook on life after medication, dissolving the concept of being stuck in the past and rooting one within the moment. Perfect for getting things done and social outings, Sativas are an amazing tool to any day and any conversation, as most Sativa strains do not have a high burnout. A burnout is when you “come down” from your “high”, and you haven’t quite given yourself what your body needs to recover from such an experience.

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Everything in life is balanced by equivalent exchange, I and in this case, all cannabis asks of you, is to eat and stay hydrated! Humans already need a set amount of vitamins and minerals to perform and grow properly, so naturally the same should apply to medicating, so make sure to always stay hydrated and eat before and after every session. Sativa strains characteristically have a bit more CBD than their Indica siblings, which accounts for more of the clarity one has up top, even though the levity is mostly cerebral, it often does like to travel through the body, and just stay focused in one area. Now that we’ve touched on some Sativa highlights, let’s talk Indicas.

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Indica strains are more “nighttime” strains for most people. Being slightly higher in THC than they are in CBD, Indica strains are the type of strains that will more than oft leave you feeling “stoned”. I like to use the term stoned for Indica strains because it helps to describe the intensity of the highs. Indicas are more of like a magnitude. The highs are potent, centered more in the body, while also drifting up into the head and mind, leaving this heavy feeling behind your eyes. Indica strains are highly effective pain relievers, sleep aids, and anti inflammatory agents [5].

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Their heavy highs usually induce stronger munchies, in which you must feed your body like an army to come down like a champion; strains that produce these effects also tend to make their users sleepy over the course of the experience, making them the perfect choice for people with insomnia or those having trouble getting the proper amount of sleep they need to feel awesome. Keeping that in mind, following the proper procedure with heavy Indicas will ensure you a good nights rest without any dankover; that morning when you wake up all groggy after a heavy sesh the night before. Did somebody say breakfast?  Now that we’ve touched upon little highlights of both Indica and Sativa general characteristics, let’s briefly jump into Hybrids!

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Essentially every Cannabis strain you know today is some form of Hybrid, the only exception being a landrace strain [6]  or a strain that grows naturally wild in places such as Afghanistan or Columbia. Hybrids display characteristics of both Indicas and Sativas, giving users the best of both worlds. Hybrids can be both good for daytime or nighttime use, depending on the strain and how much it displays of its parents. The ratios depend on each plant, as there is no way to tell by eye the cannabinoid content of any given strain; the only possible way to test cannabis is by sending it to a lab; of course, unless you test it yourself to gauge the experience. All of our strains are tested by our Inventory Specialist, who then writes our lovely reviews. Hybrids are a really funky way to get a bit of levity in all aspects of your life, as the duality in oneness appeals to many of our patients, as well as cannabis users worldwide. 

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To Sum Things Up

Cannabis is pretty easy to understand once you have the general idea of what is what. Sativa strains are generally more sociable, daytime blazes that produce a more cerebrally focused, uplifting experience that many users use to medicate to stay productive through the day while staying medicated. Indica strains, on the other hand, produce a generally more body focused high, where users report immediate relaxation, pain relief, anti inflammatory effects, as well as being an effective sleep aid. Hybrids will display different attributes of both of its parent strains in different ratios; expect a surprise!

  Although I believe cannabis will give you what you need when you need it, I have come to believe that cannabis reacts and provides a different experience, unique to every user, albeit they can all report similar symptoms. No two highs are exactly the same, like snowflakes, and that is the beauty of cannabis! Sativas can work like Indicas to some people and vice versa, while Hybrids are different ratios of both. Don’t get all worked up over the classifications though, if a strain catches your eye, or resonates with you, try it and keep a little log so you know which strains you may or may not want to revisit in the future.


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