Feature Friday Ed.7 – Fleurs Tea

Fleurs Tea Review

Hello my HGA babes! This week, we’re switching it up with Edition 7 of our Feature Friday with a Fleurs Tea review!

This week, I’m taking a look at Fleurs Herbal CBD Tea. I must say, this has to be my favourite new product we carry – probably my favourite non-flower item at HGA. Whether you’re a lover of CBD, focusing sans coffee, or just a sweet herbal tea in general, I promise you’ll like this. 

A lil’ more info on Fleurs Tea

Fleurs is a Vancouver based company founded by local rap superstar, Tee Krispil. Tee has perfected her tea blends and topical creams over many years. And, she is producing a unique array of herbal cannabis products unlike anything else currently on the market.

Fleurs make nourishing herbal tea blends, with all organic ingredients, and with 7mg of hemp-derived CBD per tea bag. You can choose from four options – Doze, Woke, Clean, and Chill. Doze is a great option to get to sleep and soothe restlessness. Woke is great for staying energized and focused throughout the day.

Clean is perfect for cleansing and balancing the body. Their newest, Chill, works to relive stress and anxiety. Fleurs truly provides a CBD tea for anything that may ail you.

Riley’s Take on Fleurs Tea:

For this blog post, I choose WOKE to review out of the four tea blends – mostly because this is the one I’ve use the most since trying these products. The tea itself is very easy to make – you get 10 pre-dosed tea bags in each bag, with 7mg of CBD in each. Fleurs recommends to open the tea bag and let the contents mix openly with the hot water to get the most out of your steeping. So, this is what I do – then all you have to do is wait, strain, pour, and drink.

What I think makes Fleurs so unique, and what I actually love most about the tea, is their specific herbal blends match each need perfectly. For example, WOKE contains a mix of spearmint, lemongrass, gingko bilboa, gotu kola, peppermint, ashwaganda, horsetail, yerba mate, and white peony. Now, while this may mean nothing to some people, as a budding herbalist I was delighted to see this excellent mix of medicinal herbs!

Especially the two Indian herb superstars Gotu Kola and Ashwaganda. Gotu Kola is well known as a brain tonic, that helps with concentration, memory, and focus. Ashwaganda is another herb that I take as a supplement daily that has all kinds of amazing medicinal benefits. It increases brain function, reduction in cortisol (thus reduced anxiety and stress), reduces blood sugar – a super herb for mind and body!

There’s more!

The list continues with popular coffee-replacer Yerba Mate. Though it does contain some caffeine, Yerba Mate is generally  superior to coffee in that in provides a smooth, longer lasting energy boost without the same crash that an espresso might have. From my experience, this is definitely the case. I used to be a daily coffee drinker, and like most, thought I NEEDED it to get through a work day. Turns out I was wrong!

I’ve been off of coffee for 5 months now, and drink WOKE almost everyday now. I get the nourishing herbal benefits, but also a little energy boost that carries me through the day the way that coffee wouldn’t. Sure, you don’t get that crazy caffeine high where your mind is going a mile a minute for a couple hours, but… I think this way is better. The only downside is the taste isn’t anything special – not terrible, but also not extremely enjoyable. This can easily be fixed however with adding some raw honey or natural sweetener of your choice to the tea, and problem solved.

And finally, the CBD.

I love CBD products so much – I don’t use much THC anymore, so CBD is really my go-to. It is itself a herb. Since it comes from the mighty hemp plant, and can be taken as a daily supplement to aid overall health. Most people aren’t aware, but inflammation is one of the biggest pre-cursors to disease, and one of CBD’s main functions is to help reduce inflammation. Even more, CBD reduces anxiety, stress, pain, restlessness, and insomnia.

l love that I can get so many benefits from one cup of tea, and I truly feel the good effects of them. I highly recommend any of Fleurs teas (I’ve tried them all and love them all) but my go-to on the daily is definitely WOKE.


Riley approved!