Feature Friday Ed.6 – Sour Breath

Sour Breath strain review

Another Friday is here, and with that, another edition of Feature Friday has come your way. Aren’t you lucky? We think so. Today, the team is reviewing the best strain you’ve never heard of – Sour Breath. This sativa has hella good genetics and an even better taste, so don’t be put off by the name. 

A lil’ more info on Sour Breath…

It comes from a stunning combo of sativa heavyweight Sour Diesel and fan-favourite Lamb’s Bread – and this strain lives up to it’s parents reputations.This strain delivers just the right amount of energy, euphoria, sociability, and chill. Going to a party? Smoke Sour Breath. Staying at home and watching a movie? Sour Breath again. Doing housework or homework? For sure, Sour Breath. Doing literally anything? Yes, that’s right –  Sour Breath.

Here’s what our esteemed stoner team had to say about it..


Pungent, as the name suggests, though very tasty and a nice smoke. You definitely get the diesel aroma, along with nice thick buds. This stuff will get you going, in a good way.

Very sociable, uplifting, and makes you up for anything. I find with some sativa’s, I may have energy but my mind is going too fast to really enjoy being around people or conversing, but this strain really hits the sweet spot. Happy, talkative, upbeat – good vibes all around.

I can definitely suggest Sour Breath to pretty much everyone and anyone. All my friends loved it. I will 100% smoke again!

Method: Pipe

Score: 5/5


Sour Breath is a gassy sativa treat. Don’t worry, it didn’t give me bad breath (that I know of.)

I read on Leafly that the name comes from crossing Sour Diesel with Lambsbread. These are two of my favs and this hybrid represents them both well. The bud I tried was dense and beautiful. Captivating colours and completely crystal through and through. It smells great even before breaking it up and even better after. It’s also super squishy and sticky, but still snapped when I busted a piece off – great sign!

This weed tastes great and got me wide awake and well buzzed like a good sativa should. I found the high lasted about two hours before I looked for more. This strain might be a bit too potent for some people’s daily use, but then again it could work well if you have a high tolerance to THC built up. Either way it’s a good motivator weed and delicious in every way.

Method: Vape

Score: 4/5