Feature Friday Ed. 2 – Violator Kush

Violator Kush Cannabis Bud

Hey guys, we’re back at it again with edition TWO of Feature Friday coming at you from your friends here at HGA.

Today, the team is reviewing the questionably named BC Kush strain Violator. We have many questions about the name. Mainly – why?


A lil’ more info on BC Kush Violator..


Anyway, this pure Indica strain has an interesting history. Not your typical BC Kush, Violator comes to us from Dutch breeders and gets its genetics from crossing the famed Hindu Kush x Malana. Though the name might scare some people off, they are missing out on a strong yet enjoyable strain that will have you medicated and feeling silly all at the same time.  

A great strain for any severe pain conditions as well as stress/PTSD, as this strain will have your body blissed out and your mind light and goofy. An A+ option for those needing help with insomnia as well but don’t want a complete knockout.


Here’s what our esteemed stoner team had to say about BC Kush Violator



Hate the name, love the strain. Very unexpected, but in a good way! I am an Indica lover and I was super impressed with this strain. I was expecting to be hit hard with this one, and I was, but not in the way I was expecting.

The smoke was very smooth and enjoyable, and the high even more so. It was a really great uplifting high – one of those happy, fun, silly highs we all enjoy – followed by deep relaxation and finished with an amazing sleep.

10/10 will smoke again.

Method: Pipe

Score: 4.5/5



What a name, hah! Surprisingly sweet smelling, dense buds that are fully cured and sticky. Lots of crystal too.

Great flavor in my vaporizer with that tickling feeling in your lungs when you take a big hit. And it’s so yummy. I’m so baked. Really good Indica strain for relaxing.

A winner for sure! Would give 5/5 except for that terrible, terrible name.

Method: Vape

Score: 4.5/5



Agreed – bad name. Just bad, man. But I liked it! Definitely a couch lock feeling, very strong body buzz too, and recommended for home use….wouldn’t try and do too much while smoking this strain that’s for sure.

The taste was very smooth, pleasant, and light. I’d say this is a just stay in and binge watch Netflix kinda strain.

Overall, super powerful and very strong indica. I’m not a big Indica guy to be honest, but I actually liked this one!

Method: Joint

Score:  4.5/5