Feature Friday Ed.3 – Blueberry Indica strain review

Blueberry Indica strain review

Happy Friday! Today, the team is reviewing the fruity indica strain champion BLUEBERRY. I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t like Blueberry. I mean, what’s not to like, am I right?

It sounds good, it smells good, and it tastes good.

Edition Three of Feature Friday coming at you from your friends here at HGA.

A lil’ more info on Indica strain Blueberry

This veteran Indica strain came to be sometime in the 70’s or 80’s from famed grower DJ Short, also known as the “Willy Wonka of Pot”. Genetically, it is a three-way cross between Afghani, sativa Thai, and Purple Thai with THC levels that tend on the lower side, but have been known to hit upwards of 22% at times.


Blueberry is most definitely a strain that everyone can enjoy. Generally known for its extreme body high effects, this is for sure a night-time use only strain. Moderate THC levels mean you won’t experience too much of a head high, but don’t be fooled – this Indica strain is a powerful medicine. Anyone experiencing acute or chronic pain will want to reach for Blueberry – and it works equally well for those dealing with stress/PTSD, depression, and anxiety. So roll up a fat joint of Blueberry, take a seat, and get ready for the full relaxation experience to begin.

Here’s what our esteemed stoner team had to say about this Indica strain:




This is a great strain for medicinal users – you get a crazy body stone with this guy. Overall sense of relaxation and general well-being hits right away.

I also loooooooooved the flavour and smell of this strain. It’s amazing that a strain can actually taste like Blueberry, it is the most smooth and pleasant smoke of any Indica I’ve tried.

I give Blueberry ⅘ – it’s a really nice time overall, however not for insomnia, which is primarily what I like to use Indica strains for. It definitely made me relax and chill out, but I need something a bit harder hitting to send me off to sleep. That taste tho. Blueberry deserve mad points for that.

Method: Pipe

Score: 4/5






This weed smells sweet like fruit or berries and wafts into the room the moment I open the bag. And the buds look great too! They are dense and coated with crystal. They are also sticky to the touch which is really appealing.

 It tastes great in a joint and even better in my vape. The joint burned a grey ash. The high was deep and zombie-like…I was surprised. Really relaxing, but I didn’t get much done after I took three hits. I was also surprised that it didn’t really help me get to sleep. I was near comatose but awake anyway.

 This is fun weed for movies and/or video games, but wasn’t a tool for sleeping like indica often is. I was too baked for driving or doing work but I enjoyed every moment. ?

Method: Vape

Score: 4/5





Let’s start with the details – greyish white ash, delicious blueberry taste, heavy indica relaxation. The THC levels are reportedly high however my experience was more relaxation, good for bedtime.

 It’s a good indica but I’ve definitely had better, the heavy blueberry smell and taste is lovely but that’s all folks.  


Method: Joint

Score: 3.5/5