Feature Friday Ed.4 – Orange Gas strain review

Orange Gas strain review

Happy Friday all ya’ll chillin’ in stoner land out there. 

Today, the team is reviewing the severely underrated sativa hybrid called Orange Gas. It’s orangey, gassy, and a good choice whether it be for a wake n’ bake or night out on the town.

Edition four of Feature Friday coming at you from your friends here at HGA.  

A lil’ more info on Orange Gas..

This hybrid falls at about 60% sativa and 40% indica, which I personally find to be the hybrid sweet spot. Respectable THC levels can get up to 20% with this one, and you will you definitely notice.

We are unsure of the genetics of this one, but it is no doubt on the sativa end of the hybrid spectrum. The first thing you notice is a quick, uplifting gust of energy to the entire body. Your mind will start buzzing with focus, creativity, and the desire to go a mile a minute.

Struggling with fatigue, depression, BPD, or ADD/ADHD? This is a great strain for you! Orange gas also has muscle relaxant properties, so those who suffer from chronic pain conditions may also mind a new great day smoke in this strain.

Did we just become best friends?! (You and OG that is).

Here’s what our esteemed stoner team had to say about it..


Disclaimer: I love all orange strains. LOVE them. And in a 60:40 sativa ratio? Even better. Recipe for success, in my humble opinion.

First off, the smell is incredible. Orange, citrus, slight musk with a hint of diesel – it’s just great. Just a couple hits from the pipe was enough with this one and it definitely put the wind in my sails. My mind started to pick up speed, and a focused high began. It was rather intense and didn’t last too long. It wasn’t bad for socializing either – you can for sure hold a conversation with this one, but I felt like going faster, and spending my time moving and thinking.

There was no burnout feeling once the effects started to wear off which was nice. I was really surprised at the intensity of this one, for a 60:40 hybrid. Great for getting sh*t done.

Method: Pipe

Score: 3.75/5



Orange Gas is aptly named cause it’s one of the gassiest sativa strains I’ve ever tried.

It starts smelling great the moment you open the bag and keeps you surrounded in the sweet smelling aroma. It looks super frosted with crystal. It’s squishy and sticky and gunks up the grinder. Even better, it tastes AMAZING in my vape. It woke me up while baking me out. I felt alert and happy and really stoned.

Super potent, super tasty, super gassy. Orange you glad I tried it and told you? Don’t miss this crazy good sativa.

Method: Vape

Score: 4/5