Feature Friday Ed.5 – Moby Dick, The Ultimate Sativa Hybrid

Moby Dick strain review

Happy Friday all ya’ll chillin’ in stoner land out there.  Edition six of Feature Friday coming at you from your friends here at HGA.  Today, the team is reviewing the monster of a Sativa hybrid – Moby Dick. Get a boat, grab a joint, and get ready to take one helluva trip. 

A lil’ more info..

This monster of a sativa hybrid will have you feeling like you just got body-slammed by a whale…. in a good way. Born and bred in Amsterdam – the weed capital of the world – Moby Dick is a great strain for medicinal and recreational users alike. Expect strong cerebral effects as well as relief from lack of appetite and nausea.

Due to the high levels of a certain cannabinoid called THCV, this strain can produce psychedelic-like effects to occur, so this one is recommended for home use only! However, not to worry when it comes to the typical sativa paranoia or anxiety – there is enough indica in this strain to ground and calm you along your journey. 

Here’s what our esteemed stoner team had to say about sativa hybrid Moby Dick..


You know from first sight that this is going to be a heavy one! Nice bag appeal, and strong odour makes for a good first impression. It’s a nice smoke, too, but beware with this one – you don’t need much to feel it’s effects. Lives up to the AAAA name.

I definitely see where they’re coming from when they say ‘psychedelic’ effects. It’s almost like you’ve been transported to another world, but in a good way. Things are hazey, hilarious, interesting, and sometimes confusing. However the high isn’t racey or have you over-thinking things.

It’s a unique strain for sure, and I think serious smokers should give this one a try. It’s definitely more sativa, but has a nice balance to it that keeps you from getting paranoid which I like. For sure a trip, this one!

Method: Pipe

Score: 4/5


I love the nice big buds that are somehow both dense and fluffy.

The sweet sativa smell hits you right away and intensifies as the grinding begins. The buds are a bit sticky and break off in crispy chunks that grind easily and fluff right out.

This Moby Dick strain tastes as good as it smells. After three big hits I feel very baked. Wide awake but a bit too giggly and off balance to get much done. It’s a tasty treat with a fun/funny buzz. Get ready to laugh.

Method: Vape

Score: 4.5/5


As noted, the flavour, smell, and look of this one is fantastic. Really loved the smoke, and you really don’t need much to get super baked.

I’m definitely more of an indica person, but this gave a pretty decent sativa high. Surprisingly, I felt a powerful couch lock indica-type feeling from this one. However the mind effects were present for sure, and an intense hunger! Now I know why it’s called Moby Dick.

This is definitely a hybrid though, almost more indica than sativa in my opinion!


Method: Joint

Score: 3/5

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What are you waiting for? Get into the belly of the whale and see for yourself.