Cannabis Products for Staying High during the Holidays

How Do I Stay Lit This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is here and with it a time of joy and celebration! This is the time of year when families get together to enjoy each other’s company and spend the long winter nights by the fire with their loved ones.

But no matter how much you love your family, sometimes you just need a little puff to get you through your visit with sanity. That being said, High Grade Aid has some tricks up our sleeve to keep you high as a kite, without your family catching on.

We have a wide audience here at High Grade Aid, each with their own taste and preference in how, and what they like to smoke, consume, or apply; we kept that in mind when we thought up a remedy on how to stay high for the holidays!

Our solution: Themed Bundle Packs that we think hit up and cover everything you need to stack up in preparation for your own personal holiday.

They are: Beginners Bundle Pack, Sweet Tooth Bundle Pack, Premium Bundle Pack, Health and Wellness Bundle Pack, Just Buds Bundle Pack, Everything Bundle Pack, and Secret Santa Bundle Pack.

Check out our selection of holiday cannabis products below.

Beginners Bundle Pack:

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Made for those who can’t be asked to roll something up when the family is around every corner, and need a quick, convenient, and discreet solution to staying high for the holidays.

Included is: 2 x Pre-Rolled Joints, 1 x Random Strain Toko Slim Vape Pen , 1 x Mary’s Wellness Hot Chocolate, and 1 x Baked Edibles 30mg Double Chocolate Cookie.

Take any of these bad thangs for a little walk around the way, and come back to your family blazed. Or save the doobs for when everybody’s left, enjoying your edibles and ripping your vape from the comfort of your own personal solitude.

Sweet Tooth Bundle Pack:

premium holiday cannabis products
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For the sugar deviant that lies in all of us. To satisfy both the sweet teeth of our friends, while also keeping them blazed. This cannabis products bundle pack is stacked with edible goodies that are probably the most discreet way to medicate. And tasty too!

Included is: 1 x 140 mg Mary’s Indica Chocolate Chip Cookie, 1 x 120mg Rainbow Squirrel’s Balboa Brownie, 1 x 50mg Ginger Snap Cookie by Watermelon Girl, 1 x Mary’s Gummies (Indica / Sativa), 1 x 225mg Sweet Jane’s Mini Turtles, and 1 x Random Mary’s Wellness Tea.

Although very tempting and pretty yummy, please know your limits before attempting to eat edibles on top of edibles.

Allow each edible an hour at minimum to begin to start metabolizing on a full stomach, and be aware that eating them on an empty stomach runs the risk of a more intense high because the THC has a faster and more immediate access channel to the bloodstream and our endocannabinoid system.

Premium Cannabis Products Bundle Pack:

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For the advanced user, the connoisseur d’cannabis, the smoker-smoker, dank-weed-toker! This bundle features some of our very finest strains and concentrates. We figured you’d need roll up, and something smelly proof to take on that pre-dinner walk.

Included is: 1 x 1/8th oz Blue Grape Aid #3 (AAAA),1 x 1/8th oz White Shark #2 (AAAA), 1 x 1/8th oz Death Aid (AAAA), 1 x 1/8th oz Lemon Frost #4(AAAA), 2g x Moroccan Hash, 1g x Random Terp Fire Live Resin, 1pk x RAW King Sized Cones, 2 x Doob Tubes.

If you don’t have access to a rig, you can lace your joints with the Live Resin, spreading it out evenly along the paper; a nice line from side to side will do.

Live Resins are usually more oily, due to the concentrations of fresh terpenes and cannabinoids from the nature of the product. Handle with a dab tool, or if you’re roughing it like we did when we first started, use a butter knife after you’ve briefly heated the tip.

If you want to take it a notch farther, after you’ve added your quad herbs and before you start to do your rolling magic, top that with some Moroccan Hash and strap yourself in for an intergalactic blaze.

Health and Wellness Bundle Pack:

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Change of season got you feeling under the weather? We thought up a solution for you! Made for our users suffering from chronic or deep tissue pain, seasonal or weather-related sickies. Or people who want a potent, controllable way to dose their medicine.


Included is: 1 x 350mg Coconut Oil CBD Tincture, 5 x 15mg PureBud 15mg CBD Capsules, 1 x Forever Phoenix Tears – Goji Flavour, 1 x Pacific Gas Co. THC MediDerm.

Start with a rice-sized amount of Phoenix Tears to gauge how you feel, and taper your way up from there. You can always take more edibles. However, you cannot turn it off completely once you strap in for the ride. That being said; less is more when you are trying to find your sweet spot.

Just Buds Bundle Pack:

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When you don’t want to do anything but pack a nice bowl, or twist something special. For this bundle pack we put together a bunch of strains that you can get funky with.

Included is: 1 x 1/8 oz White Phantom, 1 x 1/8 oz Silver OG, 1 x 1/8 oz African Kush, 1 x 1/8 oz Sour Cream, 1 x 1/8 oz Power Plant, 1 x 1/8 oz Black Diamond, 1 x 1/8 oz Cheese, 1 x 1/8 oz Platinum Kush, 1 x 1/8 oz Violator Kush, 1 x 1/8 oz Agent Orange, 1 x 1/8 oz Red Jamaican, 1 x 1/8 oz House Sativa.

This bundle pack is made for users who want to get the most out of their holiday allocation for herbs. Stocking up for the family get-togethers and long wintry days, with this 12-strain smorgasbord.

Everything Bundle Pack:

Cannabis products galore
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Like all kinds of cannabis products? Are you looking to get a range of goodies for this holiday season? Then this bundle is for you! Chock loaded with everything from buds, to concentrates, rolling materials, edibles, and topicals, this bundle pack truly is a bit of everything.

Included is 1 x Random Toko Slim Recyclable Vape Pen, 1 x Random Cannalife Botanicals Massage Oil, 1 x 150mg Sweet Jane’s Coconut Dream Bar, 1 x 1g Grandpa Larry OG 91 Supreme Live Resin, 5 x 15mg PureBud CBD Capsules, 1 x 1pk PureHemp Regular Papers, 2 x Pre-Rolled Joints, 1 x 1g Headbanger, 1 x 1g Bruce Banner, 1 x 1g Death Aid(AAAA), 1 x 1g Red Jamaican.

There we have it. All of the essentials, and a little bit of everything. Enough loud to keep you medicated over the noisy family debates, keeping your head in the clouds and out of politricks. The Toko Vape is perfect to medicate around family discreetly without having to go missing for extended periods of time.

Secret Santa Cannabis Products Bundle Pack:

holiday cannabis products
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Got a friend you always medicate with, a family member that blazes, or a special someone who you want to spoil with canna goodness? Maybe this is a gift for yourself, cause’ you’re fond of surprises! Introducing our Secret Santa Bundle Pack, which is just like it sounds; secret!

Included is: Things, in fact, cannabis-related things, that we think are spectacular.  So spectacular, that they are secret!

Each bundle is different and made to order with love for this holiday season.

Holiday Disclaimer:

Although these bundle packs are, you know, AWESOME, HGA has limited quantities of select strains. Therefore, bundles will be updated and adjusted as our inventory changes. Thank you, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!