Can Cannabis Help Me Exercise?

Does Cannabis Help Me Exercise?

We all know the stoner stereotype; lazy, chomping down on pizza after pizza, seemingly lacking any form of self-control whatsoever. But does this really always have to be the case? Can cannabis help me exercise?Is life as a productive stoner really just a dream too good to be true?

Is life as a productive stoner really just a dream too good to be true?
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Under the right circumstances, it is true that certain strains of cannabis can cause these sort of over the top, animalistic munching effects, leaving us wondering how we even fit all that food in the first place. However, new studies, along with shared personal experiences across the internet, are beginning to show that cannabis may actually help you get more benefits from your workout, as well as become more motivated to push yourself harder. Sativa strains in general are known for their euphoric, uplifting, powers, which can give you the boost you need in your exercise routine, and Hybrids share these symptoms along with a touch more of a relaxing, Indica nature. Some strains in each of these categories have been said to be excellent choices for maintaining your high while staying active as well.

So let’s get down to details. While your first instinct may not be to smoke a fatty or pack a bowl before your next workout sesh, there are some factors that may make you reconsider. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is different, and what works for one person may not work for you, especially since your body will respond to cannabis in its own individual way. That being said, here are some generalized perks to working out a little baked:

1. Cannabis Helps You Focus

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Medicating just the right amount before your workout can help you get in “the zone” [1] and stay there, making it easier to kill it at the gym every time. Focus is key in maintaining a steady pace and breath throughout your exercise routine, keeping you on the right track for your health and fitness goals, and cannabis can help get your mind and body into a state of flow, moving as one with minimal thought or effort.

2. Your Muscles Will Be More Relaxed

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Adding those extra cannabinoids into your bloodstream just before exercising means you may be able to push yourself even harder than usual before feeling the burn, allowing you to reach new heights in your fitness journey, and obtain goals you may have struggled with in the past. Of course a little weed won’t necessarily stop pushing your body from being difficult, but it should help diminish the pain of finishing that last set at least a little bit.[2]

3. There Are Options Besides Smoking

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Getting sufficiently blazed before a workout doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rip the bong or strain your lungs in any way. Many people have had success with using a low dose edible or tincture prior to hitting the gym,[3] allowing the effects to start kicking in right as you start working out. Just because smoking it up right before working your body may not sound like the most appealing option to everyone doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a nice buzz while you get your sweat on!

4. You Can Recover Faster

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Gettin’ your blaze on before and after your next gym visit can also help reduce the soreness you feel for days to come after a heavy workout. We all know what it’s like waking up stiff and achey the day after a good sweat, barely able to move, but with a sense of accomplishment inside. At first it isn’t so bad; perhaps just a not-so-comfy reminder of all the effort you put in the day before, but the longer it lasts, the more it becomes an uncomfortable inconvenience that needs to move along. It’s not hard to believe that cannabis’ amazing medicinal properties can help ease this pain and allow your body to recover faster than it normally would,[4] meaning you can do it all over again even sooner, and amplify your gains!

5. Weed Makes Everything Better, Right?

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Admit it, being just the right amount high makes any activity more fun than it normally is. Whether it’s eating, listening to music, or just getting your body into a relaxed state, cannabis is undeniably a powerful sensory booster and pain reliever, both of which add up to an excellent exercise enhancer if used correctly. Just be sure to know your cannabis tolerance beforehand, and always stay safe and keep it within your limits. Drink lots of water when using cannabis in any form and with any activity, but especially combined with exercise or other physically demanding tasks.

Now grab your gym clothes, get your toke on, and go out and kill it like you know you can!

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