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vape vitamin e

You may have seen some of the very concerning news coverage regarding THC vape related lung disease in the US. Studies were done to determine that some makers of illicit cartridges were adding vape vitamin-e acetate to their oil, which when vaporized in a concentrated amount can be extremely damaging to the lungs.

According to Leafly:

Vitamin E is the common name for several similar types of oils called tocopherols. They’re commonly found in corn and other vegetable oil or made synthetically from petroleum. We often eat it as a dietary supplement, and manufacturers put it in food and cosmetics.

Tocopherols adhere to your lung’s liner fluid, called lung surfactant. Lung surfactant enables oxygen to transfer from air into your body. Tocopherols serve to block the necessary gas transfer from occurring.

Our client’s safety is paramount to us and we would never want to do anything that could jeopardize their health. We are happy to let you know that NONE of the cartridges and pens we sell contain vape vitamin-e. It is always important to look out for your health and we understand how concerning the news can be, but you can rest assured that our cartridges have not had vitamin-e added to them.

We appreciate you and hope this helps calm any concerns you might have had.

– From the small but big loving team at HGA