What It Feels Like The First Time You Get High

What It Feels Like The First Time You Get High

The first time you get high is such a magical feeling! It’s often one of the most powerful highs you’ll experience, and it might just blow your mind. The world becomes more bright, your senses are enhanced in all of the best ways, and somehow, you just feel… better. 

Now don’t get me wrong here, every high is special and amazing and unique in its own way, that’s a fact. But, nothing compares to the first time you start to feel that tingle, and you feel your mind begin to expand as you discover more about yourself and the world around you.

Although not all of these are necessarily exclusive to the first high, they are undeniably at their strongest when you’re still new to the weed world.

Colours Are So Much Brighter

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The first time you get blazed, one of the first things you might notice is how bright all the colours are, and how they reflect and bounce from different light sources. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and also one of the many signs that you are indeed, quite lit. If you’re outside, you’ll see how blue the sky is that day, how green the trees appear to be, and how luscious the flowers all are in bloom. If you’re indoors, you may notice how much you love the colours of your sheets or your couch, or your favourite shirt.

Everything is Suddenly Hilarious

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Another thing you might realize is that you suddenly cannot stop laughing. Everything is infinitely more funny than it ever used to be, whether it’s a silly movie, your friend making a joke, or honestly, just dead silence, you can’t control your giggles any longer. The more you try to contain them, the funnier everything gets, and the harder you end up laughing in the end, so may as well just let loose and enjoy yourself for a little while!

You Can’t Stop Eating

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Food smells so much better in this state, there’s really no denying this fact. As soon as that first stoned kicks in, and you catch a whiff of something delicious cooking, you know you have to find out if everything tastes as good as it smells. You can’t help but wonder how french fries would taste on a pizza, maybe with some ice cream too? And don’t forget about those potato chips! Before you know it, you’ve ordered it all, and as soon as it arrives you dive right in. It’s glorious. Everything really does taste better than you could have imagined, and you only wish you had more room in your stomach to fit all this goodness.

Music Sounds Better

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That beat you love when you’re sober sounds even more incredible when you get high.  Simply, it’s like you can feel it reverberating through your entire body, into your core and back out, and you just need to listen to it over and over and over again. Music goes from being a listening experience to a full sensory experience, as the sound and vibrations move every which way through you and around you. You realize that music is meant to be felt, not just heard, and you love it.

Life Doesn’t Look Real

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You’ll start to notice little details in things you never did before, like the fabric of your clothing, the minuscule lines in your hands, that little chip in your nail. Life looks clearer, sharper, but different at the same time. A somewhat common perception can be seeing your hands or environment as almost slightly “claymation looking.” This depends on the individual person however, so if you light one up and don’t find yourself in a mystical movie wonderland, don’t be alarmed by any means.

You See Things From A New Perspective When You Get High

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You begin to think about yourself, the universe, and the people around you in new and interesting ways, and you seem to have a lot of cool and exciting new ideas too. You feel your mind opening and your consciousness expanding, and you find new ways to connect with yourself and those around you, and new ways to express your creativity like you never thought was possible before.

It may be debatable whether the first high you experience is the most potent of them all (I like to think so), but it is without a doubt, a mind-opening experience that shall never be forgotten. Most people spend their lives trying to recreate that first magical moment when the weed started to work its powerful magic.

The First Time You Get High

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